How to: Emily’s tips on matching old & new!

Wondering how to layer that op shop skirt with the rest of your wardrobe? Emily Billing, local blogger at shows us how to mix old and new in style!

The trick in winter is layers. I’m a Melbourne girl. And in Melbourne, layering is super important – unless you want to get caught out in the biting wind! I used to just suck it up and not bother but in recent years, I’ve joined the layering bandwagon. Who knew you could be so warm!


My feature piece in this outfit is this fur vest I picked up at the Phillip Island Salvos over the summer for $10. The vest is actually 2 sizes larger than my regular size, so all I can say is don’t be a size snob.

Sometimes oversized pieces are actually perfect!

Next, I chose my base piece. Layering allows you to wear clothing from all seasons hence, the summer playsuit I matched with it. I bought this playsuit new from Zara when I was living in Seattle and I’ve worn it over 30 times! I just adore the fit, style, and pattern.


Once I combined these two pieces I was just waiting for the cold weather to appear. When I received my friend’s Birthday party invite a couple of weekends ago this outfit finally had its debut. With the addition of cream leather gloves, my vest got to show off its true 60’s glamour.

In winter, keeping your feet warm is also very important. So I matched my outfit with my Urban Sole Boots – one of my favourite brands. You can usually buy these at Myer but I scored them from Salvos Stores on Chapel Street for only $15! Barely worn leather boots – win! Lastly, for final touches, I added my white Witchery clutch which I also thrifted for $5. This adds a great pop of lightness to the outfit!

The way you can mix new and preloved gives you an opportunity to use your entire wardrobe. You can choose summer or winter clothing and rock out with a super fun outfit! Just check out the flared sleeves, so good! To change it for a more daytime look try with knee-high flat boots or regular flat shoes and a heavier daytime bag.

I encourage you to try mixing your summer and winter clothes and discover new outfits just as I did! It’s a great way to extend the life of some of your favourite pieces. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you’ll discover your perfect winter outfit!

Happy wintering and layering 🙂
Em xx

What you will need to start your layering:

  1. Pre-loved winter jacket
  2. Skirt/dress/jumpsuit for base
  3. Stockings
  4. Cute boots
  5. Clutch

Click here to find your winter staple at Salvos near you! 🙂

Outfit details

Fur vest: Thrifted $10

Playsuit: Zara

Clutch: Thrifted $5

Boots: Thrifted $15



Love Vintage Fashion? Love Salvos Stores!

Blog Photos 028

Late last week, we had a very special delivery to six Salvos Stores across Victoria….some beautiful vintage and retro fashions. These wonderfully unique items will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, turning your simple black skirt into an outfit to make all your friends jealous!

These items are even more special as they go through a very unique process before hitting our shelves. They are provided to Marriott, a company who employs people with disability of varying degrees and provides them an opportunity for work that would not have been available to them otherwise. These wonderful employees steam the clothes and fix the buttons before sending them back to Salvos Stores.

Blog Photos 029

With ladies fashions in a variety of different styles, we are sure that among these beautiful racks you will find something truly unique just for you!

These items are available at:

  • Abbotsford Salvos Stores
  • Hampton Salvos Stores
  • Hoppers Crossing Salvos Stores
  • Malvern Salvos Stores
  • Ringwood Salvos Stores
  • Windsor Salvos Stores

Blog Photos 030Blog Photos 031Blog Photos 032

Feature Store: Footscray

“I’m a collector of antiques and bric-a-brac…do you sell any?”

“I’m a Pensioner. Do you have any specials for people like me?”

 “So affordable…can I really get all of this for less than $20?”

 “This is probably a long shot but do you have any beds or wardrobes?”

“Do you get new stock often?”

As a staff member or volunteer at Footscray Salvos Stores, you can expect to get these kinds of questions frequently. I am happy to say that the answer to all these questions is YES.

With energetic, happy staff and volunteers, the Footscray store located on Barkly Street is a great place to find a range of items from knick-knacks, bric-a-brac to designer clothes – even furniture or toys for the little ones. Whether you are looking for vintage and antiques or items that are brand new or designer, the Salvos store in Footscray has something for everyone.

The store is well organised, with eye catching displays and easy to read signage. New stock comes in daily – keeping the shelves and racks well stocked. Customers often comment on how affordable the prices are and with the following deals, you can save even more:

–          Monday Madness: $2 for selected clothing.

–          Pensioner/Concession Tuesday: Simply show your pensioner or concession card at the counter to receive 20% off.

–          Student Wednesday: Simply show your student card at the counter to get 20% off.

–          Carer’s discount everyday: For carers, every day you can save 20% by showing your Carer’s Card at the counter (Victorian stores only).

–          50% off selected clothing everyday: Each week either the Blue, Yellow, Orange or Purple tags on clothing are 50% off. Simply ask a staff member what colour it is this week.

The friendly, clean environment makes Footscray Salvos Stores a great place to shop, to find hidden treasures and to have a laugh or two with the approachable staff and volunteers. Sustainability and the environment is important to Salvos Stores, so remember to bring a shopping bag with you or you can buy a reusable I Love Salvos bag for only $1 in store. All profits got to The Salvation Army to help people in need.

Pop in today and be surprised!


199 Barkly Street, Footscray

Ph: (03) 96897811

Trading Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am-5.30pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: Closed

To donate please call: 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

-Posted by Sherley

Visitor to Bellerive Salvos Stores

On Friday the 13th of April, we had a lovely visitor from the mainland, in fact Carrum Downs. She told us whenever she came down to Tasmania she loved to come to the Bellerive store.

She originally started off with two vintage dresses. My store is well known for its great vintage selection. I showed her a vintage coat, which you can see in her hands and also three more dresses.

She was so very stoked with her purchases.Image I think in total she spent over three hundred dollars.We made a friend for life. She asked me to do a little video of her saying thank you.

– Posted by Tess.

Drysdale Salvos Stores Welcomes You!

The Salvos Stores in Drysdale is located at the end of Mortimer Street, which runs off Murrodock Road in Drysdale. Our store has a lot to offer. With our great customer service we have created an in store shopping experience for men, women and children.

We have a children’s section which caters for clothing from size zero to teenage. Not to mention, lots of toys to choose from!The men’s clothing sections has been extended with a good selection of suits, jackets, pants, work wear and t-shirts.

Our ladies section carries over 4000 items of quality clothing. There is clothing in all shapes and sizes and something for everyone.If you are in the market for furniture and bedding, we have a range of various styles for you to choose from. If you can’t find anything, come back in a week and a new selection will be available. We stock new and donated mattresses and manchester to complete the look.For op shop addicts, we are the perfect stop over. Come in a browse our store, check out the jewellery, hand bags, accessories, bric a brac, sporting items, pictures and frames, records, CDs and electrical items. If books are your thing, pop into our large book section, you will be sure to find your next read at Drysdale Salvos Stores.

– Posted by Peter

Presentation is the key

My role as Salvos Stores Marketing Coordinator involves me spending much time visiting Salvos Stores. A keen vintage shopper myself, this expands to not only at work but on the weekends as well.

Last year, Salvos Stores decided to close down their old store in Chapel Street, after 15 years at that location. The store has been very successful due to wonderful staff and volunteers as well as being the ideal location for vintage shoppers. Salvos Stores wanted to open up a bigger space and was able to get the lease to the old Patterson Cake Shop site. Regional Manager Kim wanted to ensure the new store was different to anything that had previously been done at Salvos Stores.

Seeing the store finally open in December has been exciting to see the finished product of everyone’s hard work. While the store was opening in Melbourne, I was holidaying in New York. While I was there I stumbled across two different Salvation Army stores – one in Brooklyn and one in Soho.

Not being able to resist I went inside the stores to have a look around. The stores were nightmarish. They were unorganised, run down and the clothing there would have no way measured up to Salvos Stores standards.

It was a nice feeling being able to compare these stores to the ones I frequently visit and feel really impressed and proud of the standards Salvos Stores strives to achieve in their stores every day. It is frequently mentioned how the organisation has transformed over the last five years. I now realise how true that statement is.

The Windsor Salvos Stores was officially launched on the 2nd of March with an Auction Night. According to a young teenage girl who walked into the store last week it is ‘the best op shop ever!’

Keep an eye on the Salvos Stores Facebook page for more information on Salvos Stores.

-Posted by Bridget

Behind the scenes at Abbotsford TVC shoot

Entering the Abbotsford Salvos Stores at 8.00am, adrenalin pumping and excited for the days ahead, I was immediately blown away by the transformation the store had undertaken. This was no longer a Salvos Store… it was a set… and by the sheer size of the lighting rigs and camera equipment, it could have been a movie set!

It was evidently clear the crew had already been working busily away to get everything set up and ready to go. Once the actors started arriving, had their hair and makeup done, were styled by the fabulous Claire, we were ready to get down to business.

But something I learned quickly, it’s not all as simple as that…

Each shot has to go through a tedious set up process. First the camera men and Director discuss the scene and set up the camera in the best possible angle. Then the lighting guy goes to work. Our lighting guy, Pete, was quite the lighting mastermind! He made a clever little rig he set up out of materials lying around to make one scene look like the morning sun was coming through venetian blinds. Genius!

Then comes the set dressing process. It was all hands on deck to set dress each scene. No detail is over looked in set dressing. Everything in view if the camera needs to be considered, every article of clothing, every vase, every cushion… everything!

Then there is the colour blocking. Looking on the test screen you might realise you need something red on the right side of the screen or something green on the bottom left side, but the beauty of a set in Salvos Stores, it’s like shooting in a prop shop! We had everything we needed at our fingertips. We had a great time looking through some of the incredible donations and giving them new life in the eyes of the camera.

Once all this is done its go time! That’s when it’s time for the actors and the director to work their magic, bringing the script to life. Then of course the process starts all again for the next scene.

Myself and some of the crew actually got to make a bit of an appearance in the Donate TVC, granted we are blurry because it’s a time lapse scene, but there you have it, my 15 (micro) seconds of fame!

Thanks to the Director, Producer, Actors, Cameramen, Grip, Stylist, Stage Hands, Assistants and everyone else who helped out, we wrapped up two very successful days.

So even though I have just pulled back the curtain and revealed the magic of oz, I hope you’ll enjoy the final products…




-Posted by Simmone