Love Vintage Fashion? Love Salvos Stores!

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Late last week, we had a very special delivery to six Salvos Stores across Victoria….some beautiful vintage and retro fashions. These wonderfully unique items will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, turning your simple black skirt into an outfit to make all your friends jealous!

These items are even more special as they go through a very unique process before hitting our shelves. They are provided to Marriott, a company who employs people with disability of varying degrees and provides them an opportunity for work that would not have been available to them otherwise. These wonderful employees steam the clothes and fix the buttons before sending them back to Salvos Stores.

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With ladies fashions in a variety of different styles, we are sure that among these beautiful racks you will find something truly unique just for you!

These items are available at:

  • Abbotsford Salvos Stores
  • Hampton Salvos Stores
  • Hoppers Crossing Salvos Stores
  • Malvern Salvos Stores
  • Ringwood Salvos Stores
  • Windsor Salvos Stores

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Bellerive Salvos Stores welcomes you to our wonderful store

Everyday I drive to work feeling excited about what the day will have in store for myself and my  wonderful staff. It’s a pleasure, not a chore to actually leave my home and go to work. Every day I get to meet  lovely people and learn more about the suburb I work in and the people who live there and surrounding suburbs.

Bellerive  store is situated in Percy Street Bellerive. It’s a blissfully serene  little area, close to the water and the yacht club with lots of little restaurants here and there and an abundance of local businesses.

Our favorite place to eat is the bakery on the corner,which we visit quite regularly. They have the most delicious cakes, which could be the reason we have all put on a few kilos or it simply could be we are a content and happy bunch 🙂

Bellerive isn’t just visited by locals, a lot of our customers also travel from northern, western and southern suburbs over the Tasman Bridge just to visit us.While we treasure our existing clientele, we love to welcome new people in our store and quite often other managers will refer them onto us from their stores. Amazingly all too often we hear “what a gorgeous little shop, I didn’t know you were here, but I’m so glad i found you” and our reply is always the same “we are so happy you came to visit us!”

We strongly believe in making our customers feel welcome and we want them to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere we have. Alot of our customers just come in for a chat or to tell us something important that happened in their life,  and of course to find that little treasure or article of clothing .

We try hard to cater for everybody’s needs with our stock. We have that lit bit of vintage, lovely fitted suit for work, or that dress to die for. We can accessorize your outfits or dress you up for an up coming party, there’s truly something for everyone.

Our men’s wear is fantastic and we get a lot of male customers, we aren’t just dominated by the female gender. Its great to see even kids and students coming into to find a bargain.

I especially love school holidays when you see the mums and dads or grand parents bringing the children in with their loose change and teaching the children to be thrifty. It gives me enormous satisfaction because we all want our kids to learn how to spend wisely whilst still obtaining good quality items

So please come and visit myself (Tess) and my very friendly crew (Karen, Sonya, Jan, Gina, John, Gaye, Ian and Robyn) in the Bellerive store. Let us know if its your first visit, come in and experience our exceptional customer service and become a part of the Bellerive family.

Thanks for reading a little about our store and stay tuned there’s so much more to come from Bellerive Salvos Stores.

-Posted by Tess