Feature Store: Footscray

“I’m a collector of antiques and bric-a-brac…do you sell any?”

“I’m a Pensioner. Do you have any specials for people like me?”

 “So affordable…can I really get all of this for less than $20?”

 “This is probably a long shot but do you have any beds or wardrobes?”

“Do you get new stock often?”

As a staff member or volunteer at Footscray Salvos Stores, you can expect to get these kinds of questions frequently. I am happy to say that the answer to all these questions is YES.

With energetic, happy staff and volunteers, the Footscray store located on Barkly Street is a great place to find a range of items from knick-knacks, bric-a-brac to designer clothes – even furniture or toys for the little ones. Whether you are looking for vintage and antiques or items that are brand new or designer, the Salvos store in Footscray has something for everyone.

The store is well organised, with eye catching displays and easy to read signage. New stock comes in daily – keeping the shelves and racks well stocked. Customers often comment on how affordable the prices are and with the following deals, you can save even more:

–          Monday Madness: $2 for selected clothing.

–          Pensioner/Concession Tuesday: Simply show your pensioner or concession card at the counter to receive 20% off.

–          Student Wednesday: Simply show your student card at the counter to get 20% off.

–          Carer’s discount everyday: For carers, every day you can save 20% by showing your Carer’s Card at the counter (Victorian stores only).

–          50% off selected clothing everyday: Each week either the Blue, Yellow, Orange or Purple tags on clothing are 50% off. Simply ask a staff member what colour it is this week.

The friendly, clean environment makes Footscray Salvos Stores a great place to shop, to find hidden treasures and to have a laugh or two with the approachable staff and volunteers. Sustainability and the environment is important to Salvos Stores, so remember to bring a shopping bag with you or you can buy a reusable I Love Salvos bag for only $1 in store. All profits got to The Salvation Army to help people in need.

Pop in today and be surprised!


199 Barkly Street, Footscray

Ph: (03) 96897811

Trading Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am-5.30pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: Closed

To donate please call: 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

-Posted by Sherley


A day in the life of the Salvos Stores CEO’s personal assistant

Below are details of an average working day as Allen’s personal assistant. As you can see, things can be quite hectic as the personal assistant for the CEO of one of Australia’s largest not for profits!

7.30am – Arrive at the office, set up Allen’s desk ready for his day ahead.

7.35am – Allen arrives, get Allen’s coffee (the most important job of the morning!)

7.45am – Check emails and respond to the 20-30 that have arrived overnight.

8.30am – Compile today’s to do list (bringing the items that did not get done yesterday onto today’s list!)

8.45am- Check phone messages and respond accordingly.

9.00am – Three more emails come through that need to be actioned today – Redo to do list.

9.30am – Need to call Sean in WA, realize it is 6.30am there and this will have to wait.

10.00am – The flow of staff needing Allen’s signature starts, I start the signing pile, this will save some time if Allen signs everything at one time later in the day.

10.30am – Realise I have not worked on one item from the to do list yet!

10.45am – Four people arrive at my desk all wanting to see Allen now! I find time in Allen’s calendar for everyone.

11.00am – Its conference time soon so I start to work on the accommodation lists. This involves chasing up all the forms which have not been returned and then allocating all staff with the person they have elected to share with.

12.00pm – An issue has come up and a staff member needs flights and accommodation booked so they can travel in two days time!

12.30pm – Lunch time. Sometimes eaten at my desk other times in the tea room which usually involves a few laughs with the HR team.

1.00pm – Back to the accommodation lists – Four different staff would like to share with one particular person (popular staff member); this is not going to work!

1.20pm – More emails arrive with items to be added to the to do list.

1.30pm – More forms and invoices arrive for Allen to sign.

2.00pm – My head is spinning with names and room numbers, might be time to check that to do list again.

2.15pm – A customer has called me to make a complaint, it takes a lot of time to hear the complaint and then reason with the customer and explain on behalf of Salvos Stores.

2.40pm – Go to the bathroom and discover three people have slipped past my desk and are standing at Allen’s door all wanting to see him now!

2.45pm – Remember I needed to call Sean from this morning.

3.00pm – Two emails arrive and staff have decided they would like to change the person they are sharing with at conference, this will involve rejigging all of the work I have done earlier.

3.30pm – Finally begin the first item on my to do list.

4.00pm – With one item on my to do list completed and some conference work completed it has been a successful day!

4.30pm – Time to drive home, usually involving the running of tomorrow’s to do list through my head.

5.00pm – Home finally, usually have a quick look at my emails to make sure nothing important has popped up while I was away from my computer. Also send myself emails because I have remembered extra items that should be on the ever growing to do list.

– Posted by Michelle

Sebastopol Salvos Stores has something for you!

Sebastopol Salvos Stores is a fun, friendly environment to come and be part of, as you browse for quality new and used items at great prices. We offer a fantastic, diverse range of goods including clothing, accessories, manchester, bric a brac, books, furniture, electrical and more!

We’ve had some great feedback about our modern merchandising and funky displays. We keep the store fresh and interesting with new stock arriving on the shop floor daily. We capture customers interest by providing the right product at the right price.

Situated on the corner of Gray and Beverin Streets in Sebastopol, our store is just one block from the main street… and well and truly worth the visit!

The staff are friendly and genuine…we make sure we have a good time at work too! We do our very best to make our store appealing and inviting, offering assistance and meeting customer needs. We have five permanent Staff, 10 volunteers and various community participants who help create a fun, positive environment in which to experience some good ‘retail therapy’.

Remember that shopping at Salvos Stores gives back a great deal to the community. We’re proud to be a big part of enabling various Salvation Army Welfare and Community Programs offer assistance to individuals and change lives for the better.

We offer a range of in-store discounts to help ensure you can always find a good buy, including:

  • Monday $2 Madness
  • 20% discount on Tuesdays for Pension and Health Care card holders
  • 20% discount on Wednesdays for Students
  • 20% discount for those who hold a Carers card, any day of the week
  • 50% discount on 1 of our 4 coloured tags each week!

We’d love to see you at Sebastopol Salvos Stores sometime soon. Please come in to say hello, drop off your quality donations, view our great range of stock or enquire about volunteering…anytime between 9.00 – 5.30 Monday-Friday and 9.00 – 5.00 Saturday.

-Posted by Melinda

Drysdale Salvos Stores Welcomes You!

The Salvos Stores in Drysdale is located at the end of Mortimer Street, which runs off Murrodock Road in Drysdale. Our store has a lot to offer. With our great customer service we have created an in store shopping experience for men, women and children.

We have a children’s section which caters for clothing from size zero to teenage. Not to mention, lots of toys to choose from!The men’s clothing sections has been extended with a good selection of suits, jackets, pants, work wear and t-shirts.

Our ladies section carries over 4000 items of quality clothing. There is clothing in all shapes and sizes and something for everyone.If you are in the market for furniture and bedding, we have a range of various styles for you to choose from. If you can’t find anything, come back in a week and a new selection will be available. We stock new and donated mattresses and manchester to complete the look.For op shop addicts, we are the perfect stop over. Come in a browse our store, check out the jewellery, hand bags, accessories, bric a brac, sporting items, pictures and frames, records, CDs and electrical items. If books are your thing, pop into our large book section, you will be sure to find your next read at Drysdale Salvos Stores.

– Posted by Peter

Bellerive Salvos Stores welcomes you to our wonderful store

Everyday I drive to work feeling excited about what the day will have in store for myself and my  wonderful staff. It’s a pleasure, not a chore to actually leave my home and go to work. Every day I get to meet  lovely people and learn more about the suburb I work in and the people who live there and surrounding suburbs.

Bellerive  store is situated in Percy Street Bellerive. It’s a blissfully serene  little area, close to the water and the yacht club with lots of little restaurants here and there and an abundance of local businesses.

Our favorite place to eat is the bakery on the corner,which we visit quite regularly. They have the most delicious cakes, which could be the reason we have all put on a few kilos or it simply could be we are a content and happy bunch 🙂

Bellerive isn’t just visited by locals, a lot of our customers also travel from northern, western and southern suburbs over the Tasman Bridge just to visit us.While we treasure our existing clientele, we love to welcome new people in our store and quite often other managers will refer them onto us from their stores. Amazingly all too often we hear “what a gorgeous little shop, I didn’t know you were here, but I’m so glad i found you” and our reply is always the same “we are so happy you came to visit us!”

We strongly believe in making our customers feel welcome and we want them to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere we have. Alot of our customers just come in for a chat or to tell us something important that happened in their life,  and of course to find that little treasure or article of clothing .

We try hard to cater for everybody’s needs with our stock. We have that lit bit of vintage, lovely fitted suit for work, or that dress to die for. We can accessorize your outfits or dress you up for an up coming party, there’s truly something for everyone.

Our men’s wear is fantastic and we get a lot of male customers, we aren’t just dominated by the female gender. Its great to see even kids and students coming into to find a bargain.

I especially love school holidays when you see the mums and dads or grand parents bringing the children in with their loose change and teaching the children to be thrifty. It gives me enormous satisfaction because we all want our kids to learn how to spend wisely whilst still obtaining good quality items

So please come and visit myself (Tess) and my very friendly crew (Karen, Sonya, Jan, Gina, John, Gaye, Ian and Robyn) in the Bellerive store. Let us know if its your first visit, come in and experience our exceptional customer service and become a part of the Bellerive family.

Thanks for reading a little about our store and stay tuned there’s so much more to come from Bellerive Salvos Stores.

-Posted by Tess