Top 3 Tips to find a great read at Salvos Stores

Are you a bookworm? Or maybe, you’re thinking of getting Dad a book for this Fathers Day?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you’re in luck. We have spoken to Bree @borrowed.books, an avid reader and Salvos Stores shopper to give us her tips to finding a great read at Salvos Stores!

But, before Bree gives us her tips, we wanted to find a little more out about her!

1. What is reading to you? 

Reading to me is that I can be taken to another place or another life and all I have to do is pick up a book. As Stephen King says

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

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2. Best Salvos stores book haul?

I have bought some great books from Salvos Stores, among my favourites are many Stephen King novels, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Messenger by Markus Zusak.

But of all my finds, my best was The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffeneger. I saw it while browsing and I decided to buy it. I’d heard of the movie but had never read it. It’s turned out to be one of my favourite books.

3. All time favourite book?

This is the hardest question because it’s almost impossible to pick just one with so many great books and book series out there. But I will. It’s Harry Potter, no surprise really, they’re books I could read over and over again and still enjoy. Reading it is like going home, it’s a story that will stay with me and so many others “..until the very end.”

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4. Your Top 3 tips for finding great books at Salvos Stores!

  1. Go Regularly! I usually only go a couple times per month depending on how busy I am. But if you can go more often or to different stores, do it! As my dad says “cast your net wide”!
  2. Double check the shelves! Seriously, look carefully. I scan each shelf and then do it again because often I’ll find some gems I missed the first time around. Then triple check, just in case!
  3. Hidden Shelves! In my local Salvos, there’s a little shelf called ‘Staff Picks’. It’s often missed because it’s hidden around the corner of the other shelves. But that’s where the good stuff is, so always check your local for those hidden shelves!

Bree @borrowed.books

Click here to find a Salvos Stores and a great book near you! 🙂 

How to: Emily’s tips on matching old & new!

Wondering how to layer that op shop skirt with the rest of your wardrobe? Emily Billing, local blogger at shows us how to mix old and new in style!

The trick in winter is layers. I’m a Melbourne girl. And in Melbourne, layering is super important – unless you want to get caught out in the biting wind! I used to just suck it up and not bother but in recent years, I’ve joined the layering bandwagon. Who knew you could be so warm!


My feature piece in this outfit is this fur vest I picked up at the Phillip Island Salvos over the summer for $10. The vest is actually 2 sizes larger than my regular size, so all I can say is don’t be a size snob.

Sometimes oversized pieces are actually perfect!

Next, I chose my base piece. Layering allows you to wear clothing from all seasons hence, the summer playsuit I matched with it. I bought this playsuit new from Zara when I was living in Seattle and I’ve worn it over 30 times! I just adore the fit, style, and pattern.


Once I combined these two pieces I was just waiting for the cold weather to appear. When I received my friend’s Birthday party invite a couple of weekends ago this outfit finally had its debut. With the addition of cream leather gloves, my vest got to show off its true 60’s glamour.

In winter, keeping your feet warm is also very important. So I matched my outfit with my Urban Sole Boots – one of my favourite brands. You can usually buy these at Myer but I scored them from Salvos Stores on Chapel Street for only $15! Barely worn leather boots – win! Lastly, for final touches, I added my white Witchery clutch which I also thrifted for $5. This adds a great pop of lightness to the outfit!

The way you can mix new and preloved gives you an opportunity to use your entire wardrobe. You can choose summer or winter clothing and rock out with a super fun outfit! Just check out the flared sleeves, so good! To change it for a more daytime look try with knee-high flat boots or regular flat shoes and a heavier daytime bag.

I encourage you to try mixing your summer and winter clothes and discover new outfits just as I did! It’s a great way to extend the life of some of your favourite pieces. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you’ll discover your perfect winter outfit!

Happy wintering and layering 🙂
Em xx

What you will need to start your layering:

  1. Pre-loved winter jacket
  2. Skirt/dress/jumpsuit for base
  3. Stockings
  4. Cute boots
  5. Clutch

Click here to find your winter staple at Salvos near you! 🙂

Outfit details

Fur vest: Thrifted $10

Playsuit: Zara

Clutch: Thrifted $5

Boots: Thrifted $15


Christmas Challenge with Victoria from ‘I Love To Op Shop’


Festive Thrifty Fashion Quandary

With the silly season pretty much here the joy of running I Love to Op Shop means I can help encourage shoppers to buy more ethically this holiday season.

I don’t often struggle to find what I need at an op shop but it can come down to good planning and plain old luck sometimes.  I accepted the challenge set down by Salvos Stores, to check out my local store to see if I could find a Christmas party outfit.  It’s great timing as I head out for a Christmas dinner with the team I volunteer with this weekend.

I hit my local store in Chelsea Heights, it’s big, well set out and the staff are always fun.  They have a great selection of ladies fashion and I began to pop a few things in my basket.

Tip – If you’re unsure put it in your basket!!!  I’m always reading about op shoppers who “ummmmm” and “aggghhh” only to stalk a more confident shopper who picked up that dress that may or may not be right for you in the hope they will change their minds.

I got lucky and found two outfits, now I need your help to decide which the winner is.

Outfit A – Do I go pretty in pinks with a floaty lined silk Sportscraft skirt matched with a lacy Forever New top and complimented with my vintage leather super soft clutch?

salvos outfit 1a.jpgsalvospictop1.jpg

Total cost of key pieces $16.50

Or do I pick

Outfit B – Boho in Black with a cool pocketed linen Jump dress, super sweet floral statement necklace and some charcoal flats?


outfit 2.jpg

Total cost of key pieces $19.75

Yes both outfits I found were under $20, this is proof of why I and so many others around Australia love to op shop no matter what season it is!

Problem solved , I think I just find a second party to go to.

I hope op shoppers reading this far and wide have a wonderful Christmas making memories with family, friends and loved ones.  I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a big thank-you to all the volunteers that give up their time throughout the year to help support their chosen charities, promote recycling and bring joy to so many.  We op shoppers really do appreciate it.


Go check out Victoria’s blog I Love to Op Shop and her Facebook page

Christmas Challenge with Amy from Willowcurves


We handed over the reigns to one of our favourite thrifted fashion bloggers Amy from Willowcurves.

When Salvos Stores approached me to take part in their Six Week Christmas Advent project by styling a Christmas party outfit from op-shopped items, I knew it was a match made in heaven. It’s great to remember Salvos Stores when you’re looking for fancy clothes, not just fancy dress. So here’s my fancy op-shopped Christmas party outfit! Perfect for cocktails, dinner and dancing the night away.

Christmas is the season for giving, and also the season for get-togethers – not least of which the inevitable end of year work Christmas party. Whether you have a fun theme, something low key casual or a fancier event there will be something to suit at your local Salvos Store.IMG_3172.JPG


I decided to take a more cocktail approach to this challenge and the moment I saw this beautiful blue silk dress at Salvos Stores Kew I just knew that I would build my outfit around it. I’ve been on a bit of a blue kick since changing my hair to blue a few weeks ago! The flow and asymmetrical shape of this dress is just breathtaking. The flowing fabric can easily accommodate any festive excess, no shape wear required! And with a price tag of just $15.25 for a pure silk dress how could I refuse? Luckily the Salvos Stores Six Week Christmas Advent project was already in full swing and because I bought over $20 of clothing I got a further 20% off. For details on the current offer check the Facebook page.

IMG_3165.JPGI added some delicate heels with pops of orange and pink to compliment the bold sapphire blue dress and kept it simple with a vintage black clutch and mixed metal accessories. Simple makeup and a sassy pose finish off the look.

My top 3 tips for opshopping, be it for an upcoming Christmas party or any occasion, are:

  1. Don’t give up! Those racks hold treasure just waiting to be found
  2. Don’t limit yourself by the number on the tag. Sizes vary (especially with vintage), so get to know the shapes and fabrics that work well for you.
  3. Try everything on. Always. Even if you think it is a no brainer. Try on things that don’t have appeal on the hanger, or that you’re not sure about. Some of the best treasures I’ve found I almost overlooked.


Dress: Willow (silk) $15.25 (with 20% off) at Salvos Stores Kew

Shoes: Lipstik $15.25 at Salvos Stores Abbotsford

Clutch: Vintage $6.25 at Salvos Stores Ballarat




Glory to god in the highest, peace goodwill to all (Luke 2:14)

It’s Week Three of our Christmas Advent. This week we’re taking time to reflect on peace. Peace in ourselves, peace in God and peace in others. Finding peace is finding contentment in our lives which sounds so simple. But without a roof over your head, it’s easy to lose that peace in yourself.

Around 25,000 families will be homeless this year – Susan’s family was one of those.

When the Salvation Army first met Susan her life had been a challenge for many years. Two of her three children have disabilities, and three other babies died at birth. Then Susan’s husband got sick with swine flu. He was put in an induced coma for three months, and was hospitalised for nearly a year. Susan and her children became homeless and only survived by living in their car. They kept their few belongings in the booth, cooked on council BBQs and showered at school. At times Susan stopped eating so the children didn’t have to. Two weeks before Christmas last year, Susan and her family finally moved into permanent housing. The house was empty, and the few pieces of furniture Susan stored in a shed had been stolen or smashed. The family began by sleeping on the floor until The Salvation Army brought around a trailer-load of furniture and an old fridge. In the lounge was a second hand Christmas tree the family found. The children sat alongside it, but there were no presents. Salvation Army volunteers found presents for the tree children, wrapped them and wrote the children’s names on them so Susan could put them under the tree as if Santa had brought them. When Susan saw the presents, she started crying because she couldn’t believe people would care so much. The Salvation Army was able to assist Susan and her family thanks to the generosity of every day Australians.

Susan said:

“As a parent, I felt useless at Christmas. Not being able to supply the wonder and joy to my kids myself was heartbreaking. The Salvos gave me a big bag of gifts that had been donated by people who cared about people like us…it meant the kids had some Christmas magic, thinking Santa had brought them.”

This is what shopping at Salvos Stores is all about. Your purchase helps the Salvation Army provide 10,100 beds every week.

With the third week of our Salvos Stores Six Week Advent, be sure to follow the instructions to enjoy this week’s offer.





It’s Week Two of Salvos Stores Christmas Advent which means there is only 5 weeks until Christmas!

This week of the Salvos Stores Advent is all about Hope.

Hope is a highly powerful force in our day to day lives especially at Christmas time. It’s one of those things where you only need a little bit of hope to get you going; it keeps us moving and shaking! To put it simply, hope is the will to get there and the different paths to actually get you there.

Be joyful in Hope (Romans 12:12)

Most of us are excited about the upcoming festive season. But Christmas isn’t a time of celebration for everyone. The Salvation Army conducted a survey of their clients this year and found Christmas can be an especially hard time:

  • 60% of clients are unable to afford presents for family and friends 50% do not have regular social contact with others
  • 25% will not share in a meal on Christmas Day

Unfortunately a lack of this hope in these situations is not uncommon. Domestic abuse victims, those in situations of homelessness and the long-term unemployed (to name a few) may sometimes find themselves in states of hopelessness; of not being able to see the path ahead of them – especially at Christmas time.

If you’re out of work, a little bit of hope is all you need to get back out there and stay motivated. The Salvation Army Australia maintains amazing programs to assist a range of people struggling in unemployment to upskill or find a suitable role. Your purchases at Salvos Stores help the Salvation Army find hundreds of people new jobs every week and thus, a little bit of hope.

The Salvation Army this year are running their ‘Give a meal, give hope’ appeal to give 10,000 meals over the Christmas period. For more information visit


Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the poster in-store to enjoy the offer this week: Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price.


Christmas Challenge with Hannah from In The Dress Up Box


Hi there! I’m Hannah from In The Dress Up Box. I was so excited to be invited by Salvos Stores to take part in their Six Week Christmas Advent project. They challenged me to put together a Christmas party look head-to-toe from Salvos Stores. My initial thought was PERFECT, I need a new Christmas outfit and Salvos would have been my first stop anyway! So I’m thrilled to share this fully thrifted Salvos look.


This is a perfect Christmas Day outfit for me. Living in Perth means it’s always stinking hot on Christmas day, so I was on the lookout for breathable fabrics in bright colours and and bold festive patterns. This vintage skirt with it’s fab floral print and big pockets is 100% cotton and PERFECT for swanning around my folks pool on Christmas Day.

I paired this gorgeous skirt with a bright red linen t-shirt which is suitably festive but also nice and comfy. I actually found the skirt and top in the same store at the same time, so I had an instant outfit! I just love it when that happens. A great hat and some jelly sandals complete the look, plus a bright red lip, it is Christmas after all! Hannah

The skirt and top came to $20.50, but because I’m a regular Salvos Stores shopper I’ve been accumulating points on my Salvos Stores Club Card and got a little discount when I got to the counter, so I saved about $7 (woohoo!). Anyone can get a Club Card and they are seriously so good, you accumulate points every time you buy something in store and then every so often you get a discount on your purchase. It’s really cool and doesn’t take long to build the points up. Definitely ask about a card next time you’re at Salvos Stores!

Skirt: Salvos Stores Subiaco $13.25
Top: Salvos Stores Subiaco $7.25
Shoes: Salvos Stores Bibra Lake $6.25
Hat: Salvos Stores O’Connor $15.25 




Thanks so much Hannah! How gorgeous is Hannah’s Christmas outfit? If you’re ever in need of any fashion inspiration – particularly secondhand and thrifted style go check out In The Dress Up Box

This week’s offer, as part of the Salvos Stores Christmas Campaign, is;

  1. Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price.