We love Christmas at Salvos Stores!


This year we are very excited to share with you all the great things we’re launching across Salvos Stores for you this Christmas.

Our stores are brimming with festive goodness from colourful displays of trees of all sizes and an incredible selection of decorations, to gorgeous party outfit ideas and so much inspiration for the perfect table setting – whether it’s for Christmas lunch or a New Year’s Eve party! And let’s not forget our staff who are all huge fans of Christmas and have been excitedly planning things behind the scenes for months! We hope our excitement is happily contagious!

This year we are making Salvos Stores your one-stop Christmas Gift stop, and we’re keeping things easy by having all you need in one place. We’ve got a great selection of gifts from brand new and second-hand, as well as everything you’ll need to wrap them up and address them with a wide selection of gift wrap, gift cards and tags at just $5 a pack in store. How’s that!? And don’t forget, it’s doubly good, because every purchase you make at Salvos Stores, makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable Australians. That really is the spirit of Christmas!


We’ve spent time sourcing the best family gifts and this year in Salvos Stores we’re stocking (pardon the pun!) affordable gifts that everyone will love with prices ranging from $2 to $20 – from awesome round beach towels, and gorgeous soaps, to men’s toiletry packs and water bottles to Uno cards (everyone’s favourite game) and pencil and texta packs to keep the kids entertained through the summer holidays.

Our gift lines are affordably priced and all profits support the work of The Salvation Army. Products are available for a limited time only in selected stores.

gifts for mum_retouched_squaregiftd for Dad_retouch_squaregifts for kids_2

Once you’ve got family and loved ones sorted, please consider spreading hope to help those with less this Christmas. You can donate a meal for $10 to a person in need, grant someone a special wish or donate your unwanted quality items to sell in store to help fund The Salvation Army’s community projects.


Ensuring people don’t go hungry is an important part of Salvos work and has been for more than 130 years. You can give hope to someone this Christmas by donating a meal for $10. To find out more, go to: https://100thousandmeals.org.au for details.

Granting a wish will change someone’s life as a caring Salvo delivers your wish to a person in need. Choose from 12 gifts ranging from $5 – $82 including meals, hampers, a family day out and a lift to a job interview. You can purchase these in store by taking a bauble from the tree and taking it to the counter, or alternatively, donate online at: https://www.my.salvationarmy.org.au/wishes

Can you donate this Christmas? Your donations of quality clothing, pre-loved toys, games and homewares will help to support the work of  The Salvation Army this Christmas. To find out how to donate, see our website: https://salvosstores.com.au/donate

For full details on all of our Christmas product, download our one page Christmas catalogue here



Salvos + RMIT Sustainable Style Challenge

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In a style collaboration with Salvos Stores, the RMIT Diploma of Fashion Styling graduates were recently challenged to create one original (yet commercial) fashion concept using all clothes and accessories sourced from Salvos. Each team demonstrated how easy and affordable it can be to put together a look that is edgy and intriguing yet sustainable and affordable. The final looks were then styled and photographed on location in our Brunswick store.

Course Tutor, Paul Castro is big sustainability advocate and practitioner, and wanted to inspire his styling students to get involved with an exercise in creativity and sustainability and planned this project to encourage his students to bring together their knowledge of identifying current trends and predicting future fashion influences to showcase their styling skills in a real-life brief.

Paul has has collaborated with Salvos Stores previously when he was invited to join a group of artists and designers, under the direction of eco stylist Faye Delanty (frequent Salvos Collaborator), to participate in Fash Fest in Canberra. He has his own label – AMASSMENT (www.amassment.co), which revolves around repurposing garments, a wonderful endeavour and totally worth checking out.

The resulting looks from the student stylists’ photo shoot are fantastic and eclectic! It’s so refreshing to see forward-thinking stylists embracing second-hand and reuse and repurposing. Look out for some clever style tricks (including the unique ways in using a man’s shirt) in the photos shown above.

Between the 12 Styling teams, they covered off 13 looks that include:

  • ‘Vintage urban/World Collision’ by Alain & Allannah (@visionbyalain & @abplus1 @abevilacquastyling)
  • ‘Cuban Vintage’ by Tamasin & Pia (@tamasincrowe & @p.iah),
  •  ‘Tropical’ by Stephanie & Hayley (@stephaniiedella & @haleymmcgregor),
  • ‘Colour Blocking Rainbow’ by Sarah & Mollie (@sarah.mstyling & @styled.bymollie)
  • ‘Metallic Gold’ by Monica & Georgia (@tutejamonica & @gseduikis)
  • ‘Double Denim’ by Chelsea & Jasmine (@ccookstyle & @jasminemadour)
  • ‘Gold Luxe’ by Sasha, Lauren & Linda (@sasha.styling, laurencaia.styling & @flifel)
  • ‘Retro Sporty’ by Hannah & Alannah (@ohhlalahannah/@holistyling & @AZB.BZA)
  • ‘Relaxed Tailoring’ by Innes & Emerson (@inneslaurendesigns & @emersonemini)
  • ‘Navy Vibes’ by Luka & Olive (@lukacolaiacovostyle & @olivegaga)
  • ‘Nostalgic Athleisure’ by Mimi and Hesh (@hausofmimi & hesh.batagoda)
  • ‘Boys on Tour’ by Sophia, Cyndell & Georgia (@sophiastamellos.stylist, @knipit.style & @denimbydenham)
We’d like to thank: the RMIT Diploma of Fashion Styling graduates, Tutor Paul Castro, Models Anyuop (an independent model) and Matthew (Iconique Management),  Makeup Artist Annette Martin and Photographers, Kim Landy and Alain Pottier for their assistance on this project.
We wish all the graduate students good luck in their future styling endeavours and don’t forget to check out their insta pages for some stunning style inspiration!
Watch this space for exciting future style collaborations.

Re-loved by The Painted Hive

Kristine Franklin from The Painted Hive has up-cycled the gorgeous Boho Mid-Century Modern Style Dresser currently up for auction in the Salvos Stores & Feast Watson Re-Love project. Along with four other Australian design teams, she has reinvented and ‘re-loved’ a piece of sourced furniture to help raise funds for the Salvos. The ebay auction closes on Wednesday and we’ve seen a lot of interest for this stunning piece of furniture, so be quick if you want to make a bid on this dresser or the other amazing projects for auction.
“I love up-cycling generic flat-pack furniture because it’s so accessible and affordable. It’s fantastic being able to demonstrate the potential in these unassuming pieces knowing many people already have similar items lying around or can easily get their hands on something comparable. This tallboy was just $30 from one of my local Salvos stores. It was in ideal structural condition, however the lovely “artwork” was turning people off (never allow yourself to be discouraged by the mere aesthetics of a piece!). And strangely, it had no handles, just a make-shift masking tape pull on one drawer. Regardless, its shape and scale fitted my vision perfectly and I knew I could completely transform it! My overall vision was to create a truly unique statement piece with a decorative edge and mid-century modern nod. I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a few years!”

“My advice for anyone taking on an up-cycling project, would be don’t give up! Sometimes up-cycling doesn’t always go as planned, though there are usually ways to reverse mistakes…and there are always different ways to proceed going forward! Be flexible and open to the evolution of your piece. If you’re new to up-cycling, I would suggest choosing something with good bones where only a bit of cosmetic enhancement is needed. Look for strong and sturdy pieces made from solid timber.”   

One of the things I particularly love about the Re-Love Project as a whole is seeing all of the other designers’ projects and marvelling at how amazing and diverse they all are” says Kristine.

Don’t forget, the Salvos Stores & Feast Watson Re-Love project ebay auction closes on Wednesday, and you’ve got to be in it to win it! Shop all the fabulous pieces from this year’s project here

Feast Watson Auction This Week

FW Re-Love all (1)

It’s here! It’s here!

If you read our recent post about the Feast Watson Re-Love Project here, you’ll be aware of the beautiful pieces that eight Australian design personalities have designed for the Feast Watson Re-Love campaign. All pieces have undertaken exciting makeovers; from ‘pre-loved’ timber furniture to ‘re-loved’ unique design transformations.

Your chance to take any of the Feast Watson Re-Love Projects home is this week. On Wednesday 8th July to Friday 17th July you can bid for your favorite pieces on eBay HERE. All proceeds will go to Salvos Stores.

What’s your favourite piece?

Opcycled Bird Bath

Bird Bath DIY

It seems we’re on something of an animal theme as of late. After our list of our favourite dog bed ideas, we’ve now moved on to our feathered friends. Alas! An opcycled bird bath.

An opshopping friend of ours shared her awesome project repurposing a vase and a plate into a beautiful bird bath. She simply sourced a place and a vase that matched, although clashing colours and patterns could also look great as well. Perhaps you could even get creative with painting and spray paint them if you’re struggling to find any that match. If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can heighten the birdbath by adding a second vase underneath.

Get yourself an outdoor silicone sealant. This will provide the best stability and make sure your project lasts. Make sure the plate is central and use the sealant sparingly, it can look ugly when dripping down the sides. Leave to dry as per the sealant’s instructions.

Then all you have to do is place in your garden, preferably somewhere where you can see it, and wait for the birdies to come for a bath!

Flowery Filing

Think of the last time you were in a Salvos Stores. I bet there was a filing cabinet sat amongst the furniture that you walked right past and didn’t even notice. The dull grey and faded drawer handles aren’t to everybody’s taste.

. . . .Introducing the Little House in the Big D’s filing cabinet makeover.

Be a filing cabinet superhero and save an old document/jewellery/makeup/craft storage piece! If the paper decal isn’t your thing, you can obviously chose any fabric or paper that suits. Or you could keep it brightly painted; we think the plain yellow one looks great as it is!

So next time you’re in a Salvos Stores be sure to keep a look-out for a grumpy filing cabinet that needs some TLC. A lick of paint and some imagination and this could keep your documents safe for years to come. : )

Not sure where your local is? Find your local Salvos Stores here. 

Dishing out the upcycling

We love up-cycling at Salvos Stores. If it means another product can live a new life, we’re all for it!

Up-cyling, DIY and crafts can be a little daunting. So for those of you that are a little fearful of getting creative with your Salvos Stores purchases, this one is a great project for you. All you need is a permanent pen and a few platesprinted-plates-DIY-tutorial-001.

Make it an ‘op-cycle’ project by sourcing your plates from Salvos Stores. There’s also stacks of delightful plates that would be perfect for this in-store. If antique floral isn’t your thing, modern block colours with a silver or gold pen would look great as well! Head over to Rebecca’s blog for a full tutorial.