How to: Emily’s tips on matching old & new!

Wondering how to layer that op shop skirt with the rest of your wardrobe? Emily Billing, local blogger at shows us how to mix old and new in style!

The trick in winter is layers. I’m a Melbourne girl. And in Melbourne, layering is super important – unless you want to get caught out in the biting wind! I used to just suck it up and not bother but in recent years, I’ve joined the layering bandwagon. Who knew you could be so warm!


My feature piece in this outfit is this fur vest I picked up at the Phillip Island Salvos over the summer for $10. The vest is actually 2 sizes larger than my regular size, so all I can say is don’t be a size snob.

Sometimes oversized pieces are actually perfect!

Next, I chose my base piece. Layering allows you to wear clothing from all seasons hence, the summer playsuit I matched with it. I bought this playsuit new from Zara when I was living in Seattle and I’ve worn it over 30 times! I just adore the fit, style, and pattern.


Once I combined these two pieces I was just waiting for the cold weather to appear. When I received my friend’s Birthday party invite a couple of weekends ago this outfit finally had its debut. With the addition of cream leather gloves, my vest got to show off its true 60’s glamour.

In winter, keeping your feet warm is also very important. So I matched my outfit with my Urban Sole Boots – one of my favourite brands. You can usually buy these at Myer but I scored them from Salvos Stores on Chapel Street for only $15! Barely worn leather boots – win! Lastly, for final touches, I added my white Witchery clutch which I also thrifted for $5. This adds a great pop of lightness to the outfit!

The way you can mix new and preloved gives you an opportunity to use your entire wardrobe. You can choose summer or winter clothing and rock out with a super fun outfit! Just check out the flared sleeves, so good! To change it for a more daytime look try with knee-high flat boots or regular flat shoes and a heavier daytime bag.

I encourage you to try mixing your summer and winter clothes and discover new outfits just as I did! It’s a great way to extend the life of some of your favourite pieces. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you’ll discover your perfect winter outfit!

Happy wintering and layering 🙂
Em xx

What you will need to start your layering:

  1. Pre-loved winter jacket
  2. Skirt/dress/jumpsuit for base
  3. Stockings
  4. Cute boots
  5. Clutch

Click here to find your winter staple at Salvos near you! 🙂

Outfit details

Fur vest: Thrifted $10

Playsuit: Zara

Clutch: Thrifted $5

Boots: Thrifted $15


Christmas Challenge with Hannah from In The Dress Up Box


Hi there! I’m Hannah from In The Dress Up Box. I was so excited to be invited by Salvos Stores to take part in their Six Week Christmas Advent project. They challenged me to put together a Christmas party look head-to-toe from Salvos Stores. My initial thought was PERFECT, I need a new Christmas outfit and Salvos would have been my first stop anyway! So I’m thrilled to share this fully thrifted Salvos look.


This is a perfect Christmas Day outfit for me. Living in Perth means it’s always stinking hot on Christmas day, so I was on the lookout for breathable fabrics in bright colours and and bold festive patterns. This vintage skirt with it’s fab floral print and big pockets is 100% cotton and PERFECT for swanning around my folks pool on Christmas Day.

I paired this gorgeous skirt with a bright red linen t-shirt which is suitably festive but also nice and comfy. I actually found the skirt and top in the same store at the same time, so I had an instant outfit! I just love it when that happens. A great hat and some jelly sandals complete the look, plus a bright red lip, it is Christmas after all! Hannah

The skirt and top came to $20.50, but because I’m a regular Salvos Stores shopper I’ve been accumulating points on my Salvos Stores Club Card and got a little discount when I got to the counter, so I saved about $7 (woohoo!). Anyone can get a Club Card and they are seriously so good, you accumulate points every time you buy something in store and then every so often you get a discount on your purchase. It’s really cool and doesn’t take long to build the points up. Definitely ask about a card next time you’re at Salvos Stores!

Skirt: Salvos Stores Subiaco $13.25
Top: Salvos Stores Subiaco $7.25
Shoes: Salvos Stores Bibra Lake $6.25
Hat: Salvos Stores O’Connor $15.25 




Thanks so much Hannah! How gorgeous is Hannah’s Christmas outfit? If you’re ever in need of any fashion inspiration – particularly secondhand and thrifted style go check out In The Dress Up Box

This week’s offer, as part of the Salvos Stores Christmas Campaign, is;

  1. Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price. 

Feast Watson Auction This Week

FW Re-Love all (1)

It’s here! It’s here!

If you read our recent post about the Feast Watson Re-Love Project here, you’ll be aware of the beautiful pieces that eight Australian design personalities have designed for the Feast Watson Re-Love campaign. All pieces have undertaken exciting makeovers; from ‘pre-loved’ timber furniture to ‘re-loved’ unique design transformations.

Your chance to take any of the Feast Watson Re-Love Projects home is this week. On Wednesday 8th July to Friday 17th July you can bid for your favorite pieces on eBay HERE. All proceeds will go to Salvos Stores.

What’s your favourite piece?

Opcycled Bird Bath

Bird Bath DIY

It seems we’re on something of an animal theme as of late. After our list of our favourite dog bed ideas, we’ve now moved on to our feathered friends. Alas! An opcycled bird bath.

An opshopping friend of ours shared her awesome project repurposing a vase and a plate into a beautiful bird bath. She simply sourced a place and a vase that matched, although clashing colours and patterns could also look great as well. Perhaps you could even get creative with painting and spray paint them if you’re struggling to find any that match. If you’re feeling a little adventurous you can heighten the birdbath by adding a second vase underneath.

Get yourself an outdoor silicone sealant. This will provide the best stability and make sure your project lasts. Make sure the plate is central and use the sealant sparingly, it can look ugly when dripping down the sides. Leave to dry as per the sealant’s instructions.

Then all you have to do is place in your garden, preferably somewhere where you can see it, and wait for the birdies to come for a bath!

9 Tips to Declutter Your Home (and not hate it!)

Declutter Blog Post (1)

Clean home, clean mind: that’s what they say! In the material world we live in, clutter builds up pretty quick. From the ‘ingenious’ egg box art work gift made by your kids to the dress in the back of your closet that you know you’re never going to wear again, it’s all there. Waiting for you. Don’t get overwhelmed, decluttering your home is doable! We’ve shared a few tips to make the decluttering process easier (and a little less awful).

1. Set a time limit

Before you’ve even started, you may be overwhelmed by the cupboard that needs clearing. There’s a lot of decisions to be made and it can be a daunting task. Break it down into 5, 10 or 15 minute sections. In 5 minutes, you can do two shelves perhaps. By splitting it up you have a better chance of staying focused and decluttering efficiently. Which leads on nicely to the next tip;

2. Break it down

Whether it’s a room a month, a bag a week or an item a day, break the task down into chunks. Everyone knows that identifying a plan and achievable goal, increases the chance that you’ll stick to it. So make yourself a manageable plan of attack

3. Crank up the music

This doesn’t have to be a boring task. Blast some of your favorite tunes to keep you energized and focused.

4. Keep, chuck or donate?

Take Sheree’s advice over at Home Sweet Homemaker and create 3 piles as you go. The ‘keep’ pile is for items you use regularly and are certain you wish to keep. The ‘bin’ pile is for things you no longer have a need for but are a little worse-for-wear and not suitable to donate. Finally, the donate pile are for items that are in good nick, but you no longer need or use.

via Home Sweet Homemaker

5. Have a maybe pile

If like me, you fear getting rid of things you may need, it might be useful to start a ‘maybe’ pile.This is for items you may not have used in a while, had forgotten about or you can’t imagine using in the next 3 months.  Store this pile away. If you find yourself in need of something in the pile, take it out and keep it. After a few months, try to recall what’s left in the pile. If you can’t remember, it’s probably something you don’t have a need for anymore – over to the ‘bin’ pile it goes! Same for those items you haven’t touched. For a similar trick but for you wardrobe check out the next tip.

6. Try the reverse hanger trick

If you’re in for the long game, give the reverse-hanger trick a go. Reverse your hangers in your wardrobe. When you wear an item, put it back with the hanger the right way. After six months, see what clothes are left on the reverse hangers and donate any you didn’t wear.

7. Get the kids involved

Kids create clutter. Fact. So pass on some responsibility to them and make it a family-wide activity. Give them a bag each and tell them to fill it with items they believe they no longer need. But make sure you check these bags after- kids can be pretty hasty! Today, they may be prepared to throw away the brand new train you bought them last week , but tomorrow they may be crying for it. . .

8. Donate your goods

See our top tips to donate responsibly and then donate your items to your local Salvos Stores.

9. Don’t let it build back up!Salvos Basket (1)

Once you’ve done the big ‘once-over’ and decluttered your home, keep a check on everything and don’t let it build up. Have a one-in-one-out system and keep a donation box/basket handy to pop anything suitable to donate in there ready for your next op-shop trip.

How do you go about decluttering? Do you have any family tips? As always we’d love to hear from you. You can comment on this post or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

Feast Watson Re-Love Project: Upcycling for a Cause

The Feast Watson Re-Love project is in it’s third year and once again you have the opportunity to bid on unique timber furniture pieces which have been ‘re-loved’ by eight Australian design personalities.

Over the last couple of months, using Feast Watson products, elbow grease and a touch of upcycling creativity, the designers have been busy sprucing up secondhand timber furniture. Head over to our Facebook page to watch a video featuring a few of the designers as they share the stories behind their pieces. The results are mesmerizing! It just shows you what you can do to turn a piece of furniture that’s ‘not quite your taste’, into a beautiful one-of-a-kind gem.

FW Re-Love all (1)

Like what you see?

All of the above pieces will be up for auction via eBay from 8th-17th July. All proceeds from the sale of this year’s projects will come to Salvos Stores to contribute to the funding of invaluable Salvation Army Programs.

Flowery Filing

Think of the last time you were in a Salvos Stores. I bet there was a filing cabinet sat amongst the furniture that you walked right past and didn’t even notice. The dull grey and faded drawer handles aren’t to everybody’s taste.

. . . .Introducing the Little House in the Big D’s filing cabinet makeover.

Be a filing cabinet superhero and save an old document/jewellery/makeup/craft storage piece! If the paper decal isn’t your thing, you can obviously chose any fabric or paper that suits. Or you could keep it brightly painted; we think the plain yellow one looks great as it is!

So next time you’re in a Salvos Stores be sure to keep a look-out for a grumpy filing cabinet that needs some TLC. A lick of paint and some imagination and this could keep your documents safe for years to come. : )

Not sure where your local is? Find your local Salvos Stores here.