Christmas Challenge with Victoria from ‘I Love To Op Shop’


Festive Thrifty Fashion Quandary

With the silly season pretty much here the joy of running I Love to Op Shop means I can help encourage shoppers to buy more ethically this holiday season.

I don’t often struggle to find what I need at an op shop but it can come down to good planning and plain old luck sometimes.  I accepted the challenge set down by Salvos Stores, to check out my local store to see if I could find a Christmas party outfit.  It’s great timing as I head out for a Christmas dinner with the team I volunteer with this weekend.

I hit my local store in Chelsea Heights, it’s big, well set out and the staff are always fun.  They have a great selection of ladies fashion and I began to pop a few things in my basket.

Tip – If you’re unsure put it in your basket!!!  I’m always reading about op shoppers who “ummmmm” and “aggghhh” only to stalk a more confident shopper who picked up that dress that may or may not be right for you in the hope they will change their minds.

I got lucky and found two outfits, now I need your help to decide which the winner is.

Outfit A – Do I go pretty in pinks with a floaty lined silk Sportscraft skirt matched with a lacy Forever New top and complimented with my vintage leather super soft clutch?

salvos outfit 1a.jpgsalvospictop1.jpg

Total cost of key pieces $16.50

Or do I pick

Outfit B – Boho in Black with a cool pocketed linen Jump dress, super sweet floral statement necklace and some charcoal flats?


outfit 2.jpg

Total cost of key pieces $19.75

Yes both outfits I found were under $20, this is proof of why I and so many others around Australia love to op shop no matter what season it is!

Problem solved , I think I just find a second party to go to.

I hope op shoppers reading this far and wide have a wonderful Christmas making memories with family, friends and loved ones.  I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a big thank-you to all the volunteers that give up their time throughout the year to help support their chosen charities, promote recycling and bring joy to so many.  We op shoppers really do appreciate it.


Go check out Victoria’s blog I Love to Op Shop and her Facebook page


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