Glory to god in the highest, peace goodwill to all (Luke 2:14)

It’s Week Three of our Christmas Advent. This week we’re taking time to reflect on peace. Peace in ourselves, peace in God and peace in others. Finding peace is finding contentment in our lives which sounds so simple. But without a roof over your head, it’s easy to lose that peace in yourself.

Around 25,000 families will be homeless this year – Susan’s family was one of those.

When the Salvation Army first met Susan her life had been a challenge for many years. Two of her three children have disabilities, and three other babies died at birth. Then Susan’s husband got sick with swine flu. He was put in an induced coma for three months, and was hospitalised for nearly a year. Susan and her children became homeless and only survived by living in their car. They kept their few belongings in the booth, cooked on council BBQs and showered at school. At times Susan stopped eating so the children didn’t have to. Two weeks before Christmas last year, Susan and her family finally moved into permanent housing. The house was empty, and the few pieces of furniture Susan stored in a shed had been stolen or smashed. The family began by sleeping on the floor until The Salvation Army brought around a trailer-load of furniture and an old fridge. In the lounge was a second hand Christmas tree the family found. The children sat alongside it, but there were no presents. Salvation Army volunteers found presents for the tree children, wrapped them and wrote the children’s names on them so Susan could put them under the tree as if Santa had brought them. When Susan saw the presents, she started crying because she couldn’t believe people would care so much. The Salvation Army was able to assist Susan and her family thanks to the generosity of every day Australians.

Susan said:

“As a parent, I felt useless at Christmas. Not being able to supply the wonder and joy to my kids myself was heartbreaking. The Salvos gave me a big bag of gifts that had been donated by people who cared about people like us…it meant the kids had some Christmas magic, thinking Santa had brought them.”

This is what shopping at Salvos Stores is all about. Your purchase helps the Salvation Army provide 10,100 beds every week.

With the third week of our Salvos Stores Six Week Advent, be sure to follow the instructions to enjoy this week’s offer.




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