It’s Week Two of Salvos Stores Christmas Advent which means there is only 5 weeks until Christmas!

This week of the Salvos Stores Advent is all about Hope.

Hope is a highly powerful force in our day to day lives especially at Christmas time. It’s one of those things where you only need a little bit of hope to get you going; it keeps us moving and shaking! To put it simply, hope is the will to get there and the different paths to actually get you there.

Be joyful in Hope (Romans 12:12)

Most of us are excited about the upcoming festive season. But Christmas isn’t a time of celebration for everyone. The Salvation Army conducted a survey of their clients this year and found Christmas can be an especially hard time:

  • 60% of clients are unable to afford presents for family and friends 50% do not have regular social contact with others
  • 25% will not share in a meal on Christmas Day

Unfortunately a lack of this hope in these situations is not uncommon. Domestic abuse victims, those in situations of homelessness and the long-term unemployed (to name a few) may sometimes find themselves in states of hopelessness; of not being able to see the path ahead of them – especially at Christmas time.

If you’re out of work, a little bit of hope is all you need to get back out there and stay motivated. The Salvation Army Australia maintains amazing programs to assist a range of people struggling in unemployment to upskill or find a suitable role. Your purchases at Salvos Stores help the Salvation Army find hundreds of people new jobs every week and thus, a little bit of hope.

The Salvation Army this year are running their ‘Give a meal, give hope’ appeal to give 10,000 meals over the Christmas period. For more information visit 10thousandmeals.org.au.


Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the poster in-store to enjoy the offer this week: Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price.



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