4 ways Salvos Stores can help you to recycle


Happy National Recycling Week! Founded by Planet Ark 20 years ago, this week is to educate and raise awareness of the environmental benefits that recycling can provide. Sustainability drives a lot of what we do at Salvos Stores; we consider the environment in everything we do. So to celebrate this week we’ve pulled together four main ways you can help your green conscience with Salvos Stores.


We live in a consumption driven society. We ‘need’ new things everyday which sadly costs the earth. So why is ‘shop!’ one of your hot tips to a more sustainable life, I hear you cry? If you’re not ready to considerably reduce your buying behavior, buying second-hand is a good step. Buying second-hand items is better for the environment than buying new. Period. Pre-loved items have already served their function so any extended use is recycling! Finding new homes for second-hand goods also prevents them from hitting landfills, which are ever-filling and release methane and greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.


What happens to your belongings after you have finished with them? In order to responsibly reduce household waste, we need to ask ourselves this question. Items that are still functional and in good nick can be donated to your local Salvos Stores. We’ll make sure your pre-loved goods have an extended life by going to a new good home.


bagDid you know, your average plastic bag takes anywhere between 20 and 1,000 (!) years to decompose in landfill. For this reason we don’t provide plastic bags with your purchases at Salvos Stores. We’d like you to reuse bags you already own and help us to reduce this sort of waste. If you’re looking for a bag that will last and carry all of your treasures you can pick up a re-usable Salvos Stores one in-store for just $1.

Salvos Box
Look for one of these recycling bins in your local Salvos Stores


What did you do with your last mobile phone? Chuck it in the bin? Is it still sitting in your beside table drawer? Mobile phones that ens up in landfill are not only non-biodegradable  but they also contain some substance that can potentially harm the environment if not disposed of correctly. But worry not! Over 90% of the materials (metals and plastics) used in a mobile are recyclable and can be reused to make new products. Mobile Muster partnered with Salvos Stores and now you can find a recycling bin is every store. Better yet, they donate $2 to Salvos Stores for every kg received from our stores.


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  1. Wanting some help with the Club card. Is my username my card number or email address? Have posted this question on the blog for the card, but haven’t had a response in nearly a week.

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