Bookcase Showcase


Merry Book Week 2015! To celebrate Book Week this year we have a few children’s story time events planned across all of our states (more info to come- watch this space!).

Book Week is also a great opportunity to show off our best book departments in Salvos Stores. Let me introduce you to our Bookcase Showcase! Below are the comfiest book corners, the most restful reading nooks and the most creative book displays you will find at Salvos Stores this week (if not ever).

Whip Court Salvos Stores

This creative book display was created by hand from by full time staff member Janelle at Whip Court Salvos Stores.

Abbotsford Non-Fiction
Image via @soulbird79

The book corner at Abbotsford Salvos Stores looks like the perfect place to put your feet up and take your time in choosing which books to take home.


These book spine stairs lead the way to the extensive book section of Salvos Stores Frankston. Hand painted by Julie, the Store Manager. Don’t they make for a pretty climb to a book lover haven!

South Lake Book Corner

This creative book folding display at South Lakes, WA  uses the books as art themselves! We’ve been seeing a lot of book folding projects around at the moment. They take a lot of time to make but we think they’re worth it! Similarly. . . .

Seville Salvos Stores Book Art

This Salvos Stores book fold art was pain-painstakingly made by Dee, Store Manager at Salvos Stores Seville, VIC. Each page is carefully folded to follow a pattern to create the letters. Isn’t it special?


This cozy corner is at the back of the Chapel Street store in Windsor. It looks like the perfect location to sit and browse the blurbs or a place to keep your man busy while you raid the vintage rails!


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