Spotlight: Hobart

Salvos_Stores_SpotLight_Hobart_Banner_20150804New blog feature! Salvos Stores Spotlight will be an occasional blog post in which we shed light on a particular store. This time we thought we’d introduce you to our (relatively) new store in Hobart.

Hobart Launch 134

Three months ago we moved our Hobart store to an exciting new location: 11 Elizabeth Street. The building is the beautiful old bus mall and was built in the thirties. We have designed the store to reflect the heritage and history of the building itself as well as the City.

Hobart Launch 143The pillars are decorated with glamorous gold detailing and a red carpet leads you through the store to the register which has been hand painted with the famous Le Chat Noir poster.

Hobart Launch 142

We were even lucky enough to attain the original blue prints of the building which we have displayed in the book department. Hobart Launch 154

We’re really happy with our new store and we have had great feedback from customers. Have you been to the Elizabeth Street store yet? Let us know what you think! 🙂


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