4 Reasons Your Friend Won’t Buy Second-hand


If you’re reading this, we’ll assume that you’re already a keen op shopper. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, finding a bargain and you love the feeling of not knowing what you might find.

People like you all seem to have that one friend that refuses to join you on your op shop adventures. But she has her reasons. We decided to explore some of these reasons. . . and reject every one of them!

1. “It’s all been worn before. It’s all used and old”

IMG_3161 (1)Yes, apart from a few new items that still have the original tag, second-hand items are used. That’s kind of the point. But in no way does it mean they’re all old.  Technically a ‘used’ item can range from a vintage dress that’s been worn to hundreds of fabulous parties and have been loved for decades OR a skirt that’s only been worn once (if that).

We’ve all bought something new from a regular store and worn it once or twice before we realise we don’t actually like it. Maybe after a wash it changed shape, it didn’t go with anything you have or you just changed your mind. You couldn’t return it back to the store so you donate it (to an awesome store like Salvos Stores. . .). These items that have been worn once or twice are ‘used’ but barely!

Buying an item that has been used also has it’s benefits. It means someone else has washed and worn it and it’ll still in a good enough condition to make it the op shop floor. Sign of a good piece of clothing!

So, there are used items at an op shop. These range from a vintage dress that’s been worn to hundreds of fabulous parties and have been loved for decades OR a skirt that’s been worn once (if that).

2. “It’s all out-of-date”

Fashion is cyclical. In reality, no style is new anymore. Which means it’s a great reason to buy second-hand. We’re currently reliving the 90’s in the fashion world and what’s better than 90’s inspired fashion? Clothes that were actually made for and worn by the genuine fashionistas of the decade. Buying second-hand is a chance to get creative with your style. Let yourself free! You can define yourself  what you consider out of date and ‘unfashionable’.

3. “I can never find anything”shop

This is one of the most common reasons to not op shop. It does take a bit of practice. Some of us have grown up buying second-hand so we have a trained eye. Some of us really know what we like. In the beginning it’s not always easy to imagine an item outside of the store in your wardrobe or kitchen.

4. “I’ve never been”

For some, it’s as simple as that. Buying new from retail is all they know. They just don’t know how awesome it is. This is where you come in . . .

You can save them!

Everyone wants an opshop buddy – this is your chance. Show them the ropes! Shopping secondhand is about 50% luck and 50% skill (but always 100% fun, right?). They’ll need a little encouragement for the first few trips, but add in a little practice and maybe buy the coffees the first few times and fingers crossed you have a new shopping mate!

So share this with the friend(s) that you’d like to take on your next op shop trip. Maybe we’ve managed to persuade her to give it another go. 🙂


One thought on “4 Reasons Your Friend Won’t Buy Second-hand

  1. Normal retail; I just hate seeing 6 of the same e.g. dress hanging in a row (& that’s just in one shop; the same dress could be in 20 shops elsewhere) Plus, ewwww… how many sweaty people have tried that dress on & put it back on the rack!! Give me second hand any day….at least they’ve been cleaned! And you won’t see yourself around in that dress everywhere.

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