Get Your Salvos Stores Club Card


Have you got your Salvos Stores Club Card yet?

You earn 1 point for every $1 spent in store and you can redeem your points off purchases in the future. By being a Salvos Store Club Card Member you’ll also receive great offers and invitations straight to your inbox! Read more about it over here.

How can I get a Club Card?

Getting a Club Card is easy as 1, 2 3! You can either pick up a card in-store or you can register for one online and we will post it you.

I’ll pick mine up in store

  1. Next time you’re at your local Salvos Stores ask a member of staff to become a Club Card Member.
  2. They’ll provide you with your card and a pin number (found on the cardboard backing of the card). In your own convenience head to our site and click ‘Join Now’. Update your details by following the steps.
  3. Be sure to confirm the activation of your card by clicking the activation link sent to your email address.

I’ll register for my card online

  1. You can register for a card here.
  2. Update your details by following the prompts.
  3. We will then deliver your card to you. Be sure to confirm the activation of your card by clicking the activation link sent to your email address.

Once activated you’ll be able to redeem any points accrued. Happy shopping!



4 thoughts on “Get Your Salvos Stores Club Card

  1. Hello
    I was asked if I wanted a card from the lovely ladies at the Tecoma store and received it with instructions to go on line and register.
    When I saw that you required ALL my personal details I could not understand why, could you please explain why in this situation you require address, 2 telephone numbers , DOB etc.
    To protect myself from receiving unwanted ads and promotions don’t you think I should be able to obtain a card from you without revealing all my details.
    Regards Tilly Esse

    1. Hi Tilly,

      We require the information in order to ensure the card is attributed to you and that we can verify details should you call to query anything in relation to your Salvos Stores Club Card.
      You do have the option of opting out of communication with Salvos Stores by ticking the box at the end of the sign up sheet.


  2. Hi – no matter how many times I have tried – I cannot change my password and claim $20 that was forgotten for Furniture I bought at Port Kennedy receipt 666-01-29042 Served by Billy

    1. Hi Anthea, Sorry for delayed response. Did you get someone to fix your card access? If not can you please snd me a message through our Salvos Stores facebook page and I’ll get it sorted for you.
      Many Thanks, Rebecca

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