Updated Club Card Terms & Conditions

Have you joined the Salvos Stores Club yet? A few months ago we introduced this very special club card- the first of its kind! It’s an opportunity for us to thank our lovely customers for choosing us.

You earn 1 point for every $1 spent in store and 50 points will earn you $2.50 off a Salvos Stores purchase.

This is a really brilliant offer – one of the best out there! You’ll also be invited to special VIP events, special offers and exclusive competitions direct to your inbox.

So if you’re already a Club Card member, thank you! Be sure to have a read of the updated terms and conditions which have been changed via the link below. We will ensure the value of the points earned before the change will still maintain the same value by doubling your points balance.

Read the full copy of the terms and conditions of Salvos Stores Club Card here.

Not yet a member? Join here!



5 thoughts on “Updated Club Card Terms & Conditions

  1. Pretty annoyed at this Salvo’s stores 😦 When you launched the rewards program, 50 points gave you $5.00 off. So of course I was ecstatic when this generous program was introduced. As a long time and extremely loyal salvo’s customer, for you to then tell me when I next went in to purchase something, that with my 160 points, I only received $8 off, I was a little annoyed. The poor salesperson serving me apologized profusely, and said he was also angry at the organisation for backing down on their original rewards program. I love Salvo’s and hope you can sort this out!

    1. Hi Brittany. Your points balance prior to the 6th July would have been doubled so that points earned prior to this date still had the same value. This means that you have not lost any points due to the change. We still believe the current offering is very generous and is one of the best out there. We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks Brittany, Jodie.

  2. Hi the store only told me after I have made my purchase. Can I still get points for the purchases that I have previously made? Please send reply to my email. Thanks

    1. Hi Catherine, yes you can if you show proof of purchase and your mobile number I can pass that onto our account people who can add your earned points. Can you please contact me through facebook messenger. Thanks, Rebecca at Salvos Stores.

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