4 Tips to Tackle School Holidays


Some of you are already well into the School Holidays and for some of you it’s all just begun. Having the kids about doesn’t mean you can’t keep op shopping though. Not only can shopping at Salvos Store be fun for the kids they can actually learn a thing or two and come home with a special treasure they’ll be proud of.

So after a little research we’ve pulled together three tips to make the trip a good one. Take note, we haven’t included the obvious like making sure everyone is well napped, fed and that you’re prepared with snacks. You’re already Mums so you know the drill!

1. Make it educational

As with any shopping, op shopping is a great time to work on the kids’ understanding of money and value. What’s the most useful item? Will they use it? Is it a reasonable price? Can they afford it? With secondhand items they’ll come to realize that an item doesn’t have to be brand new from the store to have value for them which we reckon is an important life lesson!

2. Let them get creative

Challenge your kids to finding a secondary use for a product besides what is intended for. The more innovative the better!

3. Pirate Time

The fun part! It’s the treasure hunt aspect of op shopping that grown ups like and even more so for the kids. You never know what you’re going to find. It’s probably best to provide some guidelines though, whether that’s a budget or specific item eg. book / toy/ t shirt, just so they don’t fall in love with a 100 year old antique stool that’s a little out of budget.

4. Donate

After a successful trip, it may be something you do regularly! So instead of having an overflowing toy box, start a one-in-one-out policy. So every trip, if they’d like a treat, they wave goodbye to an old item. Explain the concept of Salvos Stores. People make donations which are then sold to contribute to the funding of a charity. Now you’re kids will be socially and environmentally aware. Win-win!

Do you take your kids op shopping with you? Do you have any tips that we’ve missed? As always we’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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