Top 5 Up-Cycled Pet Beds

Top 5 Op-Cycled Pet Beds (1)

You’ll know by now that we’re big fans of op-cycling (our new favourite term: up-cycling your opped purchases).

The list of up-cycling ideas is endless. You can put your own twist on a piece of furniture by adding a bit of your style to it or entirely repurpose something to have a new function, or several functions like today’s post.

Introducing some doggy DIY. . .

A few clever bloggers out in the online up-cycling world have recreated a few pieces of furniture into pet houses. Dog and cat beds aren’t hard to come by, but they aren’t very pretty. Most are limp faded tartan cushions or raised plastic beds. But with a little creativity you could quite easily make a pet bed that looks great, lasts and is loved by your pets. We’ve pulled together our 5 favourite tutorials for you to get creative with!

1. Bags are packed

via ruche

Vintage suitcases are on trend at the moment and you can often find them at your local Salvos Stores. But what do you do with them? You can stack them up as an ornamental piece/storage or how about suitcase to coffee table like the one we posted a while ago? Or you can convert it to the snuggliest doggy bed around!

2. Dog house

via 86 lemons

This gorgeous bed is made from an old side table that has had it’s doors taken off, painted with chalk paint and filled with an adorable pup! The roof/table top allows it to still be used as a side table. How efficient!

3. Drawers

via liz marie blog

This is by far the easiest tutorial, although possibly not suitable for huge dogs. She simply pulls a couple of drawers from a dresser, gives them a lick of bed and fills with some comfy homemade burlap pillows.

4. The upside-down table

via cups the pups

Fit for a queen! We’re not crazy over the colours but this super fancy doggy 4 poster is pretty special. The ‘posters’ of the bed are actually the legs of a side table as it’s been flipped upside down.

5. Raised bowl station

via the DIY village

Okay, so this one isn’t a pet bed but’s it’s so awesome we had to include it. To all the big messy dogs out there, why not repurpose an old chair found at a Salvos Stores into a raised bowl stand? It’ll keep your floors protected and their ears dog food free!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Up-Cycled Pet Beds

  1. Gorgeous Ideas !!! I will have to go op shopping – there is a Salvos up the road! May come back with a coffee table/dog bed or some vintage suitcases….the drawers are super cute too

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