What’s your Salvos Stores technique?

There’s no doubt that shopping at Salvos Stores is different to shopping at a major commercial retailer. A good kind of different.

There is a talent to Salvos Stores shopping. A little creativity is required. Every item you touch at Salvos Stores is essentially on the ‘buy now or regret it later’ rack. Every dress, hat or book is the last one in stock. Yes, it’s a little daunting, but there is a little thrill in knowing that it’s special and a little exclusive.

What’s the trick to successful second-hand shopping? We asked our most seasoned Salvos Stores customers to share their techniques . . .

“I’m very methodical; I shop aisle by aisle.”


“When browsing art I always try to imagine the piece with and without the frame. Sometimes the frame might not be for you but the print or original painting/drawing is perfect. In that case you can spend a bit of cash to get it re-framed and donate the old frame!”


“Shop frequently. I visit two to three times a week. My local Salvos Store constantly turns over their stock so there are always goodies to be had!”


“Be open-minded. Don’t expect to get something specific but go in with a general list of items. Nearly everything I wear is ‘op-shop couture’!”


“I give the store a quick once-over. Then I go around again and take my time.”


“Have a look at the Music section. I have found some fantastic recycled music at Salvos Stores and the prices allow you to take a punt on something you don’t know but looks interesting! It’s an excellent way to diversify your taste in music.”

What’s your trick to shopping at Salvos Stores? Maybe you don’t think there is one! As always we love to hear about your Salvos Stores adventures and treasures.

P.S: WE NOW HAVE AN INSTAGRAM PAGE! 🙂 Head over to our Instagram account, @salvosstores, for inspiration on Salvos Stores shopping, fashion and ‘opcycling’.

The item you saw today


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