The Donated Circle Of Life

Are you comfortable? Let’s go on an adventure to see the life cycle of a product if you donate it. This tale is admittedly fictional but inspired by every single good that comes through Salvos Stores’ doors.

Once upon a time (more specifically 1956) a vase was made. It’s a beautiful green tinted glass with a gorgeous shape and in pristine condition. This vase was bought brand new by Ronald and Dorothy for their Niece, Sarah, as a Wedding present. Sarah filled this vase with flowers given to her by her husband every week and eventually flowers given to her by her children on Mother’s Day. The vase remained in prime position on the family dinner table.

By 1980, this beautiful vase was still in great shape, but after Sarah’s husband received a substantial promotion, it was decided the dining room was to be redecorated. They were ready for a change and the green vase no longer suited their decor. So Sarah planned to throw the vase away. Lucky for us, that morning Sarah’s friend came over for coffee, spotted the vase on top of the bin and recommended she donate it to her local Salvos Stores. She said if Sarah donated it to Salvos Stores someone else could buy and love it and the money they spent on it would contribute to Salvation Army’s community programs. So she did.

And the vase lived happily ever after. Many times. It lived as an addition to a vase fanatics collection, a centre-piece to an old ladies windowsill, a gift to a girlfriend and to another family that filled it with years and years of flowers. Sarah could have thrown the vase away, forgotten about it forever, and contributed to the ever-bursting landfills. But instead, Sarah was a vase hero.


You can be a vase hero too. Or a chair life-saver. Or a dress’ guardian angel. If you have loved an item and think someone else could too, do the right thing and take it to a place where it could find a new home and live a new life.

That my friends, is the donated circle of life.

Read our tips on donating responsibly and find your local store or donation centre.DSCN0622


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