Second-hand Book Adventures

If your reading list needs an injection of inspiration, the first thing you should do is head down to your local Salvos Stores.

Climb the pages of classics at Salvos Stores Frankston

We sometimes find ourselves sticking to the best-sellers list. When I walk into the book shop in my local shopping centre I know exactly what I’m going to buy and if I don’t, I’m steered to those on special offers. There just aren’t any surprises.


But stood in front of the bookshelves at Salvos Stores, it’s a little different. No two visits are the same. Best seller names are hidden among dusty classics and unheard authors. Some are brand new with un-cracked spines, some are old and dog eared through years of re-reading, some with delightfully personal inscriptions in the covers.

It’s through browsing these collections you can come across the pages and authors you never would have in the usual book retailer. You may stumble across a genre you haven’t read before or maybe a book just a little outside of your taste. Try it! It’s like a little book adventure that you can embark on every week. . .



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