Responsible Donating: Top Tips!

WE NEED YOU! (. . . and your donations)

People love to donate their old clothes and furniture. It’s quite magical to think that the coffee table you’ve shared many a cuppa on, could go to a new home for a whole new life. Sustainably, it’s magical too. Instead of going straight into the landfill, it can be reused and saved! Untitled design (1)

We rely on good quality donations from the public in order to fully function and to provide substantial funding to The Salvation Army Welfare Programs. So if you have a pair of boots collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe or any other goods that you think someone else could love, donate them to Salvos Stores.

Each year Salvos Stores spends in excess of $6M disposing of unsaleable items and rubbish that are left at our stores. This is a considerable amount which could be used to further assist those at need in our communities.

So check out our Salvos Stores Top Tips to Donate Responsibly!

1. Ask yourself if you would buy the item or if you would be comfortable giving it to a friend

If not, it’s probably not an item we would be able to sell. Make sure the items are clean, in good condition and if they are clothes, reasonably wrinkle free.

2. Check it’s not on our unsaleable list

Due to health and safety reasons we are unable to sell some items and some require appropriate health and safety regulations certified on them. Check if any of your donations are on this list before booking or going in-store.

3. Plan ahead

Plan when and where you are going to donate your goods. Find your Trucks5nearest store and opening hours here. Note: all Salvos Stores are closed on Sundays, but some remain open for donations only. Find a Sunday donation centre. Please don’t leave donations at stores outside of opening hours. Alternatively you can also book a home collection online.

4. Donate and feel amazing!

After donating, feel proud that you have saved items from going to landfill AND know that the sale of your item will contribute to the funding of The Salvation Army’s Programs.


5 thoughts on “Responsible Donating: Top Tips!

  1. Love your story. I look forward to the days I help out at my local salvos shop. You first quote is great. We do get some amazing donations, but also receive items which should have gone to the dump.

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