Salvos Stores teams up with Feast Watson for the Re-Love Project

Salvos Stores have once again joined forces with Feast Watson for their fabulous Re-Love project. Feast Watson have recruited eight Australian design personalities to take on the challenge of turning an ordinary piece of wooden furniture into something really special and unique. From now until 24 July, the Feast Watson designers are going to busy with their sanders, paint and upholstery guns in a bid to create beautiful unique pieces of furniture.  

Once completed, Feast Watson will be uploading the items for auction on ebay with all proceeds going to Salvos Stores. Everyone at Salvos Stores HQ is very excited about this project and we are scrimping and saving our pennies in a bid to own one of these beautiful pieces! Each of the eight designers will bring their own unique flair and creative expertise to the project making each piece completely different. So, without further ado lets find out a little bit more about our designers.  

Simone Barter:  

ImageReturning for the second year, Simone has a natural creative flair, evident in her work as an interiors and props stylist. Her specialty lies in the ability to declutter and decorate a space in a way that brings a stylishly relaxed ambience to any room in a client’s house or office. She is also the creator of inspirational blog site ( We wonder what Simone is planning on doing with this piece of furniture…..Image

 The team from Made On The Left:

ImageAlso returning for a second year, Made On The Left, is a non-profit organisation based in Western Australia that is committed to promoting talent across the region ( The creative team for the Re-Love project is made up of three talented women: Nicole Moffat, creator of label Tall Rabbit; Rebecca Antos, an interior designer with State 28 Interiors; and Stef Wallace, who enjoys sewing and doodling on inanimate objects. We are really looking forward to watching their transformation of this rocking chair. Image

Alicia Parsons:

ImageAlicia is a firm believer in second chances, especially when it comes to neglected pieces of furniture or run-down houses. The graphic designer from Adelaide currently incorporates her offbeat and quirky style into all of her design ventures as evidenced in her blog, Atypical Type A ( Alicia will be giving a second chance to this piece of furniture. Image

Penelope Herbert:

ImageA former media marketing guru, Penelope has possessed a life-long obsession with everything home and design related. She now writes weekly articles for the Stylehunter Home website, with her “Top Ten” series being particularly popular ( Penelope will be transforming this ordinary mirror into something extraordinary. 


Artemis Gourous: 

Artemis is the deputy editor of Australian Handyman Magazine (, a title dedicated to making DIY easy from knocking down a wall to hanging a door and, of course, giving old and battered furniture a new lease of life. Her favourite type of DIY is furniture makeovers and she has rescued many a piece destined for the scrap heap. Let’s see how Artemis plans to rescue this piece of furniture from the scrap  furniture. Image

Tina Vanspall:

 ImageTina is a former art dealer who now focuses on her blog, Vintage Movement, which is a collection of thrifty vintage shopping hauls and DIY how-to’s. Based in Melbourne, Tina describes Vintage Movement as celebrating and reviving the past in a fresh, modern context ( We are looking forward to seeing the fresh, modern twist Tina brings to this piece of furniture. Image

Kristine Franklin:

ImageKristine is passionate about all things home, especially the creative challenge and self-satisfaction which comes from decorating on a budget. Kristine’s blog, The Painted Hive, is her medium for divulging all that she discovers and learns on her quest for an affordable and beautiful home ( Kristen is up cycling this piece of furniture for the Re-Love project….Image

This exciting project can be followed on the Feast Watson pinterest page or keep your eyes peeled on Salvos Stores for updates on progress!

Are you as excited as we are?


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