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It’s Week Two of Salvos Stores Christmas Advent which means there is only 5 weeks until Christmas!

This week of the Salvos Stores Advent is all about Hope.

Hope is a highly powerful force in our day to day lives especially at Christmas time. It’s one of those things where you only need a little bit of hope to get you going; it keeps us moving and shaking! To put it simply, hope is the will to get there and the different paths to actually get you there.

Be joyful in Hope (Romans 12:12)

Most of us are excited about the upcoming festive season. But Christmas isn’t a time of celebration for everyone. The Salvation Army conducted a survey of their clients this year and found Christmas can be an especially hard time:

  • 60% of clients are unable to afford presents for family and friends 50% do not have regular social contact with others
  • 25% will not share in a meal on Christmas Day

Unfortunately a lack of this hope in these situations is not uncommon. Domestic abuse victims, those in situations of homelessness and the long-term unemployed (to name a few) may sometimes find themselves in states of hopelessness; of not being able to see the path ahead of them – especially at Christmas time.

If you’re out of work, a little bit of hope is all you need to get back out there and stay motivated. The Salvation Army Australia maintains amazing programs to assist a range of people struggling in unemployment to upskill or find a suitable role. Your purchases at Salvos Stores help the Salvation Army find hundreds of people new jobs every week and thus, a little bit of hope.

The Salvation Army this year are running their ‘Give a meal, give hope’ appeal to give 10,000 meals over the Christmas period. For more information visit


Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the poster in-store to enjoy the offer this week: Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price.


Christmas Challenge with Hannah from In The Dress Up Box


Hi there! I’m Hannah from In The Dress Up Box. I was so excited to be invited by Salvos Stores to take part in their Six Week Christmas Advent project. They challenged me to put together a Christmas party look head-to-toe from Salvos Stores. My initial thought was PERFECT, I need a new Christmas outfit and Salvos would have been my first stop anyway! So I’m thrilled to share this fully thrifted Salvos look.


This is a perfect Christmas Day outfit for me. Living in Perth means it’s always stinking hot on Christmas day, so I was on the lookout for breathable fabrics in bright colours and and bold festive patterns. This vintage skirt with it’s fab floral print and big pockets is 100% cotton and PERFECT for swanning around my folks pool on Christmas Day.

I paired this gorgeous skirt with a bright red linen t-shirt which is suitably festive but also nice and comfy. I actually found the skirt and top in the same store at the same time, so I had an instant outfit! I just love it when that happens. A great hat and some jelly sandals complete the look, plus a bright red lip, it is Christmas after all! Hannah

The skirt and top came to $20.50, but because I’m a regular Salvos Stores shopper I’ve been accumulating points on my Salvos Stores Club Card and got a little discount when I got to the counter, so I saved about $7 (woohoo!). Anyone can get a Club Card and they are seriously so good, you accumulate points every time you buy something in store and then every so often you get a discount on your purchase. It’s really cool and doesn’t take long to build the points up. Definitely ask about a card next time you’re at Salvos Stores!

Skirt: Salvos Stores Subiaco $13.25
Top: Salvos Stores Subiaco $7.25
Shoes: Salvos Stores Bibra Lake $6.25
Hat: Salvos Stores O’Connor $15.25 




Thanks so much Hannah! How gorgeous is Hannah’s Christmas outfit? If you’re ever in need of any fashion inspiration – particularly secondhand and thrifted style go check out In The Dress Up Box

This week’s offer, as part of the Salvos Stores Christmas Campaign, is;

  1. Buy 2 books and get the 3rd half price. 



Salvos Stores Christmas Advent- Week One GIVING

Christmas is just over 6 weeks away. It crept up quick! To count down the weeks until Christmas this year we have created Salvos Stores Six Week Christmas Advent!6week

Each week has a different Christmas theme and a different offer. See in-store for more details or head to our Facebook page for instructions.

This week is all about giving.

At Christmas time it’s very easy to get overly concerned about presents at Christmas. Kids spend hours curating their Christmas lists and every year we all spend our time and money finding the perfect presents for our loved ones.

It is more blessed to give, than to receive (Act 20:35)

During the days and weeks following Black Saturday 2009, the day that a series of bushfires swept Victoria, Salvos Stores organised emergency relief donations to those that had lost their homes. Donations and heart-felt messages poured into the warehouse. One in particular caught the eye of Lynda Van Gaalen-Prentice (Territorial Mission Development Co-ordinator) who was on the team behind the mission.


This paper bag was filled with cherished toys of a 3 year old who was prepared to give them to a stranger in need. The generosity and thoughtfulness of this little boy giving his toys to someone he doesn’t even know shows how raw and innocent the concept of giving can be. It really is better to give than to receive. Scientific studies have shown that those who spend more money on others than themselves are actually happier! So not only are you giving your love to the gift receiver, you also get a dose of self-love.

It’s also great time to be reminded that the positives of buying gifts (for your loved ones or just for yourself) at Salvos Stores over Christmas time are twofold. Firstly you buy your loved one a gift that they will love. This gift has been ‘saved’ from going to landfills so is thus, a sustainable gift as well.

But secondly your purchases at Salvos Stores helps the Salvation Army (amongst other things) give 10,000 meals every week to those in need. So whilst giving that retro camera to your niece, you’re also helping to give to the less fortunate in your community.

This week you can also enjoy a 20% discount when you spend $20 in-store when you follow the instructions found in-store.

6 Tips to Grab Yourself a Bargain on eBay!

Salvos_Stores_eBay6Tips_Banner_20151109_004[5]6 Tips to Grab Yourself an eBay Bargain

EBay is a brilliant way to find some great bargains from the comfort of your own home.  Ekat, Salvos Stores’ very own eBay Coordinator, shares some tips as to how to bag a bargain on the online auction site.

Shopping online is simple and fun. It often saves you time, because you can search for a particular item and find it right away. You also have the option to browse through available items like you would in a physical store. Here are a few handy tips to remember when you are shopping on eBay:

  1. Pick a strategy

If you’re new to the world of online auctions it can seem a little daunting. Pick one of these easy three strategies in order to not to miss out on items sold through auction.

  • The straightforward : You can place a bid on the item right away by entering the maximum price you wish to pay; you just have to wait until the end of the auction to see if you are the winning bidder. You will get email updates if someone else has outbid you so if you decide you’re prepared to pay more you can up your max bid. Note: be careful with this one, a lot of bidders will wait until the very end to place their bids and you may get out-bid at the last minute!
  • The classic: If you love the thrill of an auction and have time on your hands you can simply ‘watch’ an item and either place your bid or raise it towards the end of the auction. This method is very risky, as you may forget to watch the end of the auction and miss out on your item!
  • The super lazy sneak: To help you with the dilemma of those pesky last minute bidders you have a third option, which is to use an eBay sniping apps. These are designed to help you scoop your item at the very last minute. There is no need to watch for auctions to end, the app will bid for you at the last minute, giving you a peace of mind and a better chance of winning your item. Some applications include Myibidder or Baytomat.


  1. Compare prices

1 032_clipped_rev_1It’s sometimes easy to assume that because something is listed on eBay, it’s a bargain. Obviously, this is not the case. So before you get carried away, do your research and make sure you’re paying a fair price. You can simply search for the item in eBay and see what similar items are going for.

  1. Browse away!

You don’t have to be looking for anything specific to find bargains. You can choose from a wide range of categories located to the right of the search tab. You may also like to browse through items available at a particular online store (like the Salvos Stores eBay store!).


  1. Search alerts

Looking for something pretty specific but there aren’t many listed items? You can search for an item and then click ‘follow this search’. You’ll receive notifications every time an item is listed so you won’t miss a treasure again!

  1. Check for pick up locations

Obviously, you can have all your purchases delivered straight to your door. But stay on the lookout for sellers that give you the option to pick up purchases yourself. Depending on where it is, if it’s only a few kms away, you could save $$$ on postage costs!,

  1. Spellinh misyakes

Not everyone pours their heart and time into listing their items for sale. So search for your item with a misspelt term– you’ll be surprised how many treasures are listed with typo titles! Antiq Warobe for $0.99 anyone?

Have you checked out our eBay store yet? You can shop Salvos Stores without leaving the front door! You can pick up great pieces ranging from collectibles, furniture, clothing, shoes, electronics, home ware and much more.

Browse Salvos Stores eBay

Just as when you’re buying from our brick and mortar stores, monies raised from sales of items from Salvos Stores are contributed to the funding of The Salvation Army Australia and the much needed welfare programs.

4 ways Salvos Stores can help you to recycle


Happy National Recycling Week! Founded by Planet Ark 20 years ago, this week is to educate and raise awareness of the environmental benefits that recycling can provide. Sustainability drives a lot of what we do at Salvos Stores; we consider the environment in everything we do. So to celebrate this week we’ve pulled together four main ways you can help your green conscience with Salvos Stores.


We live in a consumption driven society. We ‘need’ new things everyday which sadly costs the earth. So why is ‘shop!’ one of your hot tips to a more sustainable life, I hear you cry? If you’re not ready to considerably reduce your buying behavior, buying second-hand is a good step. Buying second-hand items is better for the environment than buying new. Period. Pre-loved items have already served their function so any extended use is recycling! Finding new homes for second-hand goods also prevents them from hitting landfills, which are ever-filling and release methane and greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.


What happens to your belongings after you have finished with them? In order to responsibly reduce household waste, we need to ask ourselves this question. Items that are still functional and in good nick can be donated to your local Salvos Stores. We’ll make sure your pre-loved goods have an extended life by going to a new good home.


bagDid you know, your average plastic bag takes anywhere between 20 and 1,000 (!) years to decompose in landfill. For this reason we don’t provide plastic bags with your purchases at Salvos Stores. We’d like you to reuse bags you already own and help us to reduce this sort of waste. If you’re looking for a bag that will last and carry all of your treasures you can pick up a re-usable Salvos Stores one in-store for just $1.

Salvos Box

Look for one of these recycling bins in your local Salvos Stores


What did you do with your last mobile phone? Chuck it in the bin? Is it still sitting in your beside table drawer? Mobile phones that ens up in landfill are not only non-biodegradable  but they also contain some substance that can potentially harm the environment if not disposed of correctly. But worry not! Over 90% of the materials (metals and plastics) used in a mobile are recyclable and can be reused to make new products. Mobile Muster partnered with Salvos Stores and now you can find a recycling bin is every store. Better yet, they donate $2 to Salvos Stores for every kg received from our stores.

Q&A with the Salvos Stores Volunteer Program Manager


Salvos Stores relies on our amazing volunteers to function as we do. Have you ever thought about who looks after our ‘vollies’? We have a whole team! Today we’re talking to the Volunteer Program Manager who heads up the team that organise and looks after all of our volunteers on a day to day basis. Introducing, Steve Cassar.

What brought you to working at Salvos Stores?

I have been very fortunate enough to work with some large corporate retailers and after 28 years I decided it was time for me to give back to the community by working in the not for profit sector.

After a successful tenure for approximately 3 years at the Australian Red Cross as General Manager Retail Operations, I decided to explore opportunities with The Salvation Army, as their work has always been a real inspiration to me.

How long have you been with us?

I have been with Salvos Stores for nearly 2 years.

Describe a typical day at work for you.

A typical day for me would be best described as organised chaos as there are so many facets to this unique role!

My absolute focus is to best support our number one client – our fabulous store teams which of course includes our amazing volunteer workforce.

A “typical day” can include – answering calls form store teams and providing appropriate advice, organising Work For The Dole placements with job providers, supporting volunteer traineeships, supporting and providing advice to Area Managers and Store Managers, responding to volunteer applications, working with suppliers and contractors, working with various government agencies on various projects etc.

What’s your Favourite part of working with Salvos Stores?

My favourite part of my job is, my contribution goes towards to help the vulnerable who are less fortunate than me.

I had the honour and privilege of meeting Major Brendon Nottle nearly 2 years ago where I got to witness first -hand the amazing work of The Salvation Army .The Salvation Army Café at 69 Bourke Street for the vulnerable has left an everlasting impression in my life.

Describe your job in 3 words:

  1. Exhilarating
  2. Challenging
  3. Rewarding

Do you have any funny/interesting stories from your time with Salvos Stores?

It was early January 2015, 37 degrees (felt like 45 degrees) and I was doing a store support day (glutton for punishment) at our Mount Eliza store, where the stockroom was filled to the brim with donations.

On this particular day there was the assistant manager, one volunteer, heaps of customers and me! The Volunteer held the fought at the register, the Assistant Manager was filling the store with much needed stock and I was sorting the piles from the back.

I thought to myself, this won’t be hard, I will get stuck in and within an hour of sorting the stock we will be all good. An hour passed by and so did nine car loads of donations, and by now it felt like 60 degrees!

Well I thought to myself I have had worse than this; I will have this sorted within an hour. An hour passed by and you guessed it, more cars and now even trailers were coming in thick and fast and the stock was spilling outside!

Four hours later I celebrated with a roar, as I could finally see some of the floor in the backroom! Boy did I have a good night sleep that night!

What has been your most rewarding moment?

Very difficult question, however I would have to say seeing our first group of volunteers receive their traineeship certificates at our Rowville Victoria store recently – knowing I had a small part to play in putting the program together, and seeing the volunteers work so hard over 6 months to complete the course was a thrill to me personally.

On a personal level receiving The Manager of The Year Award for 2015, was one of my proudest moments with Salvos Stores, especially when I am so fortunate to work amongst so many professional and dedicated team members.

What’s the last thing a customer said to you?

“I just love coming here, the staff and volunteers are always smiling and there is always something interesting to buy” – Rowville Customer

Thanks so much for chatting with us Steve!

Volunteer Team Photo

The Volunteer Program Team: Steph, Kanako & Steve

Q&A with a Salvos Stores Call Centre Representative

Salvos_Stores_CallCentreRepQ&A_Blogpost_20150929_001In this week’s Q&A we head over to the Salvos Stores Call Centre in Noble Park. Our call centre team help our customers book their home collections for donating, answer any volunteering enquiries and provide club card information and help. We chat to Shayan Malik, a Call Centre Representative.

Shayan Malik - Call Centre 019

What brought you to working at Salvos Stores?

I had heard of all the good work the Salvation Army does for people in need and I wanted to be a part of that.

How long have you been with us?

5 years

What’s your favourite part of working at Salvos Stores?

The warm and rewarding feeling of helping the community and working with such a friendly team.

Describe a typical day at work for you?

 My typical day at work consists of taking calls to book in home collections and doing some admin tasks.

Describe your job in three words:

Rewarding, positive and helpful

Shayan Malik - Call Centre 018

What has been the most rewarding moment?

When I am able to assist people desperate for assistance with food, accommodation, paying their bills etc by pointing them in the right direction – The Salvation Army.

What’s the last thing a customer said to you?

“You guys do such a good job; I hope my donation will help someone”

Opcycling Garden Projects


Now that the sun is finally gracing us with our presence here in Melbourne, we’re slowly moving outside and enjoying the outdoors again. As you’ll know by now, we’re getting pretty obsessed with opcycling at the minute! So why don’t we take it outside and start getting creative with our purchases in the garden? We’ve pulled together some ideas we’ve seen to hopefully inspire some future Salvos Stores projects! If you have hacked a Salvos Stores purchase we’d love to see it – share on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (@salvosstores)!

1. Snail Art

These snail weights were actually made by a Salvos Stores volunteer. Simple Salvos Stores garden art!

2. High tea for the birds

via Shelterness

A spindle + a teacup + a saucer = a super chic bird feeder! This is a perfect little project if you don’t have lots of outdoor space- bring the birds to your balcony!

3. Spoon wind chime

via Eve of Joy on Etsy

Pick up a handful of vintage spoons next time you’re in store, punch a hole in handle and thread some string through and you’ll have yourself a thrifty wind chime!

4. Drawer attention to your plants

Photo by Sam Henderson - Unexpected Welcome

via Sam Henderson

Who knew a piece of indoor furniture could be so pretty and functional outside? We think it would also look great if the drawers were staggered like a tiered-planter.

5. Succulent planters

succulentThis last one isn’t exclusively an outdoor project. Our Instagram fan picked up these ceramics from the bric-a-brac section at her local Salvos Stores and planted her favorite succulents in there.

What have the Salvos Stores Team been up to?


Every year the Salvos Stores team conduct an internal fundraiser and last year’s ‘Tour de Salvos Stores’ raised over $126,000 for several Salvation Army projects, one of which was a trailer for the Indigenous Ministries in South Australia. Katrina Stropinski, HR Admin Assistant, tells us about the week a group of Salvos Stores staff assisted in a mission to take goods into the Aboriginal communities of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. 


Sean, Katrina, Denis, Cathleen, Michael & Sue (with Catherine taking the photo!

Majors Denis and Kathleen White head up the Indigenous Ministry in SA which takes furniture, clothes and household goods into Aboriginal communities of the APY Lands. Before Salvos Stores fundraising efforts, Denis and Kathleen only had a 16 tonne truck to take up as much furniture and goods as possible into communities that are desperately in need of them. The trailer not only allows Denis and Kathleen to take more goods into the lands, but also provides shelter if they get stuck in a remote location. Each trip into the lands takes around a week and involves a team of volunteers to help with the packing of the truck, driving, unloading of the truck and of course the sale day, which is just as busy as a Boxing Day sale! Denis and Kathleen offered a team of Salvos Stores staff members the opportunity to accompany and help them on their August mission to the town of Pipalyatjara in the APY Lands.

Each trip into the lands takes around a week and involves a team of volunteers to help with the packing of the truck, driving, unloading of the truck and of course the sale day, which is just as busy as a Boxing Day sale!

SA Trailer

The awesome trailer purchased by Salvos Stores after fundraising activities

The mission started at 6.30am on Monday 3rd August where the Salvos Stores team (consisting of Sean Burgess- Regional Manager WA/SA, Michael Frost-Area Manager Northern SA, Sue Iliov-Area Manager South Eastern Vic and myself) met Denis, Kathleen and volunteer Catherine at the warehouse. The truck and trailer had been packed during the previous week with help from Salvos Stores staff members. A blessing was said by Lieutenant Colonel Robyn Clinch and Major Rhonda Elkington and we were on our way just as the sun was rising.

We didn’t really know what to expect on this week long “working holiday”, but we did know we were in for early mornings, late nights, hard work and long drives.

We didn’t really know what to expect on this week long “working holiday”, but we did know we were in for early mornings, late nights, hard work and long drives. Our first night was at Coober Pedy, a mere 850km from Adelaide!! Sean, Michael and Sue found Woomera’s only Thrift Shop, which is run on an honesty policy!
Before we reached Coober Pedy, we pulled over on the side of the Stuart Highway to capture the first of many amazing sunsets we would witness on this trip.


One of many magical sunsets

Day two began at 5.45am as we repacked the support vehicle “Bluey” and hit the road. Although the morning start was a lot earlier than most of us were used to, we were rewarded with a magical sunrise that made the earth glow fluorescent orange.  We hit our first major landmark at lunchtime; the border of South Australia and the Northern Territory! Hitting the border meant we would soon be off the highway and starting our long journey on the dirt roads! We spent 200kms on the dirt roads before arriving midafternoon at our stop for the night, Ernabella (the largest community in the APY Lands).

As we had a free afternoon, Denis wanted to show us something quite remarkable, a fruit orchard in the middle of the desert! The orchard was created in 2005 by a couple who wanted to improve food security in the APY Lands. The orchard provides employment opportunities for locals and is used to educate local children on growing food and nutrition. We picked several boxes of mandarins and oranges to take to the people of Pipalyatjara, as fresh fruit is generally quite expensive.


Arriving at the APY Lands

When we arrived at Pipalyatjara, we started unloading the truck with the mattresses and bases, which we had to leave outside for the time being as the room we had access to was too small. Some of the locals also helped us unload the larger items, while the kids helped carry in the smaller items.
We unloaded suitcases full of clothes, tables, chairs, microwaves, toasters, toys, bunk-beds, cutlery and so much more! We had some spare time before dinner, so we headed down to the local oval for a kick of the footy. Although there wasn’t much footy talent between us Salvos Staff, we did have some local Aboriginal teens show us how it was done, in bare feet too! It was an incredible experience to be able to play kick to kick with the locals while the sun set on another amazing day.

Although there wasn’t much footy talent between us Salvos Staff, we did have some local Aboriginal teens show us how it was done, in bare feet too!

Sale day began with an early 5.30am wake up and we were on the road to Pipalyatjara by 6.15am. There was still a lot of work to be done beforethe 9am sale. We started by taking all of the furniture and bed ensembles out of the community centre and lining them up on the dirt outside, as we would need all the room we could get inside for the clothing and brica.

The locals started arriving as the sun rose not long after 7am; sitting on the beds and furniture to “claim” them before the sale started. We also set up an admin table where the locals would need to fill out Centrepay forms, giving permission for the payment of their goods to be deducted from their pension. Close to 9am, Denis said a blessing for the smooth running of the sale and explained how the sale would work. Then the doors opened…


Sean & Sue taking a break at the sale

It was mayhem for the next three hours as most of the furniture, clothes and bric-a-brac were sold.

For dinner we drove out to the SA/WA/NT state border and had a fire barbeque while watching another spectacular sunset. It was an incredible way to finish a mammoth but very rewarding day.

We had a big day ahead of us on our last day; a 15 hour drive back to Adelaide! We left Marla well before sun up and started making tracks down the highway. We took a break at Coober Pedy for breakfast and then we hit the road again. Our last leg was from Port Augusta to Adelaide where we saw our last sunset in South Australia. After driving over 3000kms in total, we were all exhausted from such a busy week, but so grateful for the experience.

Thank you to Major Denis and Kathleen White for the invitation to participate in this mission. It was an incredible journey and a once in a lifetime experience to serve the aboriginal community. We have been to places not many will go and have seen things not many will see, and for that we are truly thankful.


Book Week 2015: Story Time Events


To continue the Book Week celebrations we’ve organised some kid-friendly Salvos Stores events.

At select stores we are hosting a free Story Time event for the little people in your lives. Come and join us for an hour of story time and to pick up some new books or to restock up on the old favourites!

  • Abbotsford Salvos Stores, 81 Victoria Crescent, VIC : Saturday 29th August 11AM
  • Winnellie Salvos Stores, 458 Stuart Highway, NT: Thursday 27th August 10AM
  • Seville Salvos Stores, Shop 14/16/547-567 Warburton Highway, VIC: 11AM Saturday 5th September

See you there!

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