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Book Week 2015: Story Time Events


To continue the Book Week celebrations we’ve organised some kid-friendly Salvos Stores events.

At select stores we are hosting a free Story Time event for the little people in your lives. Come and join us for an hour of story time and to pick up some new books or to restock up on the old favourites!

  • Abbotsford Salvos Stores, 81 Victoria Crescent, VIC : Saturday 29th August 11AM
  • Winnellie Salvos Stores, 458 Stuart Highway, NT: Thursday 27th August 10AM
  • Seville Salvos Stores, Shop 14/16/547-567 Warburton Highway, VIC: 11AM Saturday 5th September

See you there!

Bookcase Showcase


Merry Book Week 2015! To celebrate Book Week this year we have a few children’s story time events planned across all of our states (more info to come- watch this space!).

Book Week is also a great opportunity to show off our best book departments in Salvos Stores. Let me introduce you to our Bookcase Showcase! Below are the comfiest book corners, the most restful reading nooks and the most creative book displays you will find at Salvos Stores this week (if not ever).

Whip Court Salvos Stores

This creative book display was created by hand from by full time staff member Janelle at Whip Court Salvos Stores.

Abbotsford Non-Fiction

Image via @soulbird79

The book corner at Abbotsford Salvos Stores looks like the perfect place to put your feet up and take your time in choosing which books to take home.


These book spine stairs lead the way to the extensive book section of Salvos Stores Frankston. Hand painted by Julie, the Store Manager. Don’t they make for a pretty climb to a book lover haven!

South Lake Book Corner

This creative book folding display at South Lakes, WA  uses the books as art themselves! We’ve been seeing a lot of book folding projects around at the moment. They take a lot of time to make but we think they’re worth it! Similarly. . . .

Seville Salvos Stores Book Art

This Salvos Stores book fold art was pain-painstakingly made by Dee, Store Manager at Salvos Stores Seville, VIC. Each page is carefully folded to follow a pattern to create the letters. Isn’t it special?


This cozy corner is at the back of the Chapel Street store in Windsor. It looks like the perfect location to sit and browse the blurbs or a place to keep your man busy while you raid the vintage rails!

Spotlight: Hobart

Salvos_Stores_SpotLight_Hobart_Banner_20150804New blog feature! Salvos Stores Spotlight will be an occasional blog post in which we shed light on a particular store. This time we thought we’d introduce you to our (relatively) new store in Hobart.

Hobart Launch 134

Three months ago we moved our Hobart store to an exciting new location: 11 Elizabeth Street. The building is the beautiful old bus mall and was built in the thirties. We have designed the store to reflect the heritage and history of the building itself as well as the City.

Hobart Launch 143The pillars are decorated with glamorous gold detailing and a red carpet leads you through the store to the register which has been hand painted with the famous Le Chat Noir poster.

Hobart Launch 142

We were even lucky enough to attain the original blue prints of the building which we have displayed in the book department. Hobart Launch 154

We’re really happy with our new store and we have had great feedback from customers. Have you been to the Elizabeth Street store yet? Let us know what you think! :)

Q&A with a Salvos Stores Driver



Victor- Ready for a hard day of work

What does a day in the shoes of a Salvos Stores truck driver look like? This week we talked to Victor Lan, a Driver at the Noble Park Warehouse, to find out the answer to that very question. Our truck drivers pick up donations that have been booked for a home delivery.

What brought you to working at Salvos Stores?

I was always keen to be in a role in which I could work towards helping those who are in need.

How long have you been with us?

About 3 years now.

What’s your favourite part of working at Salvos Stores?

Always being on the road and seeing different places gives you a feeling of freedom in a way that you wouldn’t be able to get in other roles.

Describe a typical day at work for you.

Full of adventures!

Describe your job in 3 words:

Fun, rewarding and stress-free.

Do you have any funny/interesting stories from your time with Salvos Stores?

I recently helped a donor to rescue her cat from a tree. It was a little challenging as the cat was very stubborn and not particularly friendly!

What’s the last thing a customer said to you?

“Don’t eat them all at once!” – She had given us a plate of biscuits that she had made earlier that day. But we didn’t listen and scoffed them all in one go!


Thanks Victor!

If you have some quality donations that you’d like to book a home collection for please fill in this request form available on our website. Similarly if a role at Salvos Stores sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to our careers page.

Q&A with a Salvos Stores Volunteer

Salvos_Stores_VolunteerQ&A_Blogpost_20150729After the interest from the interview with Chelsea Heights Salvos Stores Manager, we decided to start a series of Q&A’s with different members of the Salvos Store Team.

So this week we thought we’d open your eyes to the world of volunteering in a Salvos Store by interviewing the lovely Lorraine Ah Mat, long-time volunteer and friend of Nightcliff Salvos Stores. lorraineThe lovely Lorraine!

What brought you to volunteering at Salvos Stores?

I attend the Salvation Army Darwin Corps and felt that I would do more for people than just sitting at home.

How long have you volunteered with us?

15 years

What’s your favourite part of volunteering at Salvos Stores?

Talking to others who just want some comfort and talking to people who know that someone cares.

Do you have any funny stories?

There’s a regular customer who brings her little Grandson regularly. After a little joke between us he now always asks where is the lady from the naughty corner. He is a beautiful little boy!

What’s the last thing a customer said to you?

‘Thank you and thanks to Salvos Stores, they have helped myself and my family so much.’

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering?

Think carefully about what you are committing yourself and time to.


Nightcliff Salvos Store

Thanks to the lovely Lorraine for joining in with this weeks’ Q&A. Do you have any questions for next week’s Q&A? Any particular area you’d like to know more about? Keep us posted!

4 Reasons Your Friend Won’t Buy Second-hand


If you’re reading this, we’ll assume that you’re already a keen op shopper. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, finding a bargain and you love the feeling of not knowing what you might find.

People like you all seem to have that one friend that refuses to join you on your op shop adventures. But she has her reasons. We decided to explore some of these reasons. . . and reject every one of them!

1. “It’s all been worn before. It’s all used and old”

IMG_3161 (1)Yes, apart from a few new items that still have the original tag, second-hand items are used. That’s kind of the point. But in no way does it mean they’re all old.  Technically a ‘used’ item can range from a vintage dress that’s been worn to hundreds of fabulous parties and have been loved for decades OR a skirt that’s only been worn once (if that).

We’ve all bought something new from a regular store and worn it once or twice before we realise we don’t actually like it. Maybe after a wash it changed shape, it didn’t go with anything you have or you just changed your mind. You couldn’t return it back to the store so you donate it (to an awesome store like Salvos Stores. . .). These items that have been worn once or twice are ‘used’ but barely!

Buying an item that has been used also has it’s benefits. It means someone else has washed and worn it and it’ll still in a good enough condition to make it the op shop floor. Sign of a good piece of clothing!

So, there are used items at an op shop. These range from a vintage dress that’s been worn to hundreds of fabulous parties and have been loved for decades OR a skirt that’s been worn once (if that).

2. “It’s all out-of-date”

Fashion is cyclical. In reality, no style is new anymore. Which means it’s a great reason to buy second-hand. We’re currently reliving the 90’s in the fashion world and what’s better than 90’s inspired fashion? Clothes that were actually made for and worn by the genuine fashionistas of the decade. Buying second-hand is a chance to get creative with your style. Let yourself free! You can define yourself  what you consider out of date and ‘unfashionable’.

3. “I can never find anything”shop

This is one of the most common reasons to not op shop. It does take a bit of practice. Some of us have grown up buying second-hand so we have a trained eye. Some of us really know what we like. In the beginning it’s not always easy to imagine an item outside of the store in your wardrobe or kitchen.

4. “I’ve never been”

For some, it’s as simple as that. Buying new from retail is all they know. They just don’t know how awesome it is. This is where you come in . . .

You can save them!

Everyone wants an opshop buddy – this is your chance. Show them the ropes! Shopping secondhand is about 50% luck and 50% skill (but always 100% fun, right?). They’ll need a little encouragement for the first few trips, but add in a little practice and maybe buy the coffees the first few times and fingers crossed you have a new shopping mate!

So share this with the friend(s) that you’d like to take on your next op shop trip. Maybe we’ve managed to persuade her to give it another go. :)

8 Things You Can Buy At Salvos Stores That Can Be Refreshed With Spray Paint


Spray paint. The lazy upcycler’s best friend. What can’t a can spray paint achieve? We have no idea. . .

1. Block colour figurines

Love the shape of an ornament at Salvos Stores but not keen on the details? Spray them with a couple layers of spray paint for a simple modern ornament! These bright colours would be brilliant for a kids room but neutrals and metallics would look perfect for the grown ups.

Tutorial via Just a Little Creativity

2. Light up an old lamp

Spray paint a ceramic vintage table lamp to match your bedroom perfectly. Depending on the details you could have different coloured trims or if you’re crafty add a few stripes in.

DIY Vintage Lamp Makeover

Tutorial via Craft Habit

3. Open the door to customised door knobs

Add a personal touch to your furniture by opcycling some ordinary knobs. A quick lick of spray paint and a clever trick with your home printer is all it takes!

Tutorial via The Painted Hive

4. Colourful frame of mind

Pick up a handful different frames and coat them with some spray paint to create a ‘mismatched but matching’ photo wall.

gallery wall vintage frames spray painted white french, chalk paint, painting, wall decorTutorial via Giddy Upcycled

5. Add some gold to your cuppa

Add some matte gold details to some plain cups to add a little fancy to your afternoon tea.


Tutorial via Garland of Grace

6. You can even paint shoes!?!

Choose the colour of your shoes! This is an entirely new concept to us but it sounds pretty interesting.

Tutorial via Cheap Chic Obsession

 7. Paint a biscuit tin and add a chalkboard to label it

Blackboard spray paint is readily available and it just as easy as normal spray paint. Paint a tin lid for a cool way to label your food storage!

Tutorial via Serenity Now

8.  Office chair upcycle

With a can of normal spray paint and a can of vinyl spray paint you can refresh an entire office chair!

Make over an old vinyl chair with only spray paint!Tutorial via Dream a Little Bigger

We Need You . . . (and your jumpers)


We’re now slap-bang in the middle of the winter and in Melbourne, where I am writing this blog post, it definitely feels it.

Due to the last couple of chilly weeks we’re running low on good quality winter woollies in our stores. So, we need you! We would love your help in ensuring we have plenty to keep everyone warm this winter.

Perhaps you could have a rummage in your wardrobe this week and find some jumpers, coats or cardies that you don’t wear or need anymore. We wrote an article a few weeks back on decluttering your home, which has some wonderful tips to work out how to identify what clothes you actually wear and use.
If you find anything to donate check check out our tips to donate responsibly. You can head to your local store during opening hours or call for a home collection (13 SALVOS) and don’t forget if you hand your donations over the counter in store you will receive a $10 Myer Shopping Voucher (more info here).

We rely on the generosity of the public in order to contribute sufficient funding to The Salvation Army’s welfare programs. So what are you waiting for? Donate and make a difference today! :)

Get Your Salvos Stores Club Card


Have you got your Salvos Stores Club Card yet?

You earn 1 point for every $1 spent in store and you can redeem your points off purchases in the future. By being a Salvos Store Club Card Member you’ll also receive great offers and invitations straight to your inbox! Read more about it over here.

How can I get a Club Card?

Getting a Club Card is easy as 1, 2 3! You can either pick up a card in-store or you can register for one online and we will post it you.

I’ll pick mine up in store

  1. Next time you’re at your local Salvos Stores ask a member of staff to become a Club Card Member.
  2. They’ll provide you with your card and a pin number (found on the cardboard backing of the card). In your own convenience head to our site and click ‘Join Now’. Update your details by following the steps.
  3. Be sure to confirm the activation of your card by clicking the activation link sent to your email address.

I’ll register for my card online

  1. You can register for a card here.
  2. Update your details by following the prompts.
  3. We will then deliver your card to you. Be sure to confirm the activation of your card by clicking the activation link sent to your email address.

Once activated you’ll be able to redeem any points accrued. Happy shopping!


Feast Watson Auction This Week

FW Re-Love all (1)

It’s here! It’s here!

If you read our recent post about the Feast Watson Re-Love Project here, you’ll be aware of the beautiful pieces that eight Australian design personalities have designed for the Feast Watson Re-Love campaign. All pieces have undertaken exciting makeovers; from ‘pre-loved’ timber furniture to ‘re-loved’ unique design transformations.

Your chance to take any of the Feast Watson Re-Love Projects home is this week. On Wednesday 8th July to Friday 17th July you can bid for your favorite pieces on eBay HERE. All proceeds will go to Salvos Stores.

What’s your favourite piece?

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